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Published on: Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bar Essentials | Basics with Babish

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For this episode of Basics, I'm going to show you some bar essentials (tools and ingredients) that will help you make a host of different cocktails for your weary coworkers and spouse's friends.

Grocery List:
Angostura Bitters
Tonic water
Simple syrup
Ginger beer
Sweet vermouth
Olive juice
Triple Sec
White rum
Soda water/club soda

Special equipment:
Cocktail shaker components (large stainless steel tumbler, rubber-rimmed pint glass, smaller stainless steel tumbler)
Cocktail strainer
Squeeze bottles
Lemon zester/channel knife
Long cocktail stirring spoon
Vegetable peeler
Waiter's friend corkscrew/bottle opener
Optional: metal straws
Optional cups: old fashioned glass, copper mug, martini glass, Collins glass

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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

     1 years ago +3373

    Hearing some very valid criticism and discussion here - going to be posting a video this weekend with some revised/corrected techniques! Not just because I want more drinks.

  • Ian Lumsden

    Ian Lumsden

     7 hours ago

    Has beard and tattoos and loves old fashioned's got me.

  • Lord Vader

    Lord Vader

     1 days ago

    Martinis are made of gin not vodka....

  • Velvet- Reed

    Velvet- Reed

     3 days ago

    why am i watching this, its 3 am and im a minor

  • Karan Bhansali

    Karan Bhansali

     5 days ago

    How about doing a Binging With Babish episode with Cocktails from Cheers?

  • remrret


     6 days ago +1

    i'm 19 and have zero intention to ever drink but i love this video for some reason

  • solmaz lee

    solmaz lee

     1 weeks ago

    Hhhmmmm... this makes my micropenis hard

  • Petr Tajčman

    Petr Tajčman

     1 weeks ago

    Dude you make some serious mistakes making those cocktails....

  • James Boyle

    James Boyle

     1 weeks ago

    Gin and tonic is technically a mixed drink but who’s counting let’s all just drink.

  • The LazyAlgorithm

    The LazyAlgorithm

     1 weeks ago

    This is making me thirsty af!

  • Brew Dogg

    Brew Dogg

     1 weeks ago

    wow are negronis are strong had one with the other chefs at work and you can tell it been a rough day when they downed one and i could barely sip me ideal drink for when you tell the mrs your going out for one and wanna come back drunk

  • TheRealUnconnected


     1 weeks ago

    Great video, i recently opened a cocktail bar at work with my other team members. We each chucked in $50 and bought a heap of premium spirits and now we can get plastered whenever we want.

  • George P

    George P

     2 weeks ago

    I love that he never uses plastic straws. Wish it would be same for the plastic wraps as well... But you cant have everything sometimes

  • YaowBucketHEAD


     2 weeks ago

    Time to be buried in the comments.

    I went to bartending school in Kentucky and have various bartending jobs in Kentucky, Ohio, New Mexico, and Texas.

    No matter where I went, I've been bitched at for "making the drink wrong".

    While most cocktails usually have the same ingredients, you'd be surprised by the regional variances for almost every drink ever made.

    One thing I noticed is that more people out west think Martinis are always made with vodka, not gin.

    Vodka in a martini = Kangaroo.

    Anywho, cheers. 🍸

  • Sem


     3 weeks ago +1

    Since a gin tonic only consists of 2 ingredients its not a cocktail..

  • Sherry Muckleston

    Sherry Muckleston

     3 weeks ago +1

    A year and half too late.... but where is the classic daiquiri?

  • Big Kahona

    Big Kahona

     3 weeks ago +1

    Second time I watch this video... not sure why. But I'm enjoying it

  • TheGrudgeLady2017


     3 weeks ago +1

    I need to make a Moscow Mule now. Cheers!

  • mariahxworld


     4 weeks ago +1

    Man serving drink but is a tall glass of water

  • Sawer


     4 weeks ago

    My facial hair dictates that I have to like old fashioneds. And I'm very glad it does :)