Meet The McCaffreys: A Family of Prolific Athletes | NFL Films Presents
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NFL Films: Meet The McCaffreys: A Family of Prolific Athletes | NFL Films Presents


Published on: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Meet The McCaffreys: A Family of Prolific Athletes | NFL Films Presents

You know Christian, now meet the rest of the star-studded McCaffrey family.

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  • david Unoi

    david Unoi

     8 hours ago

    I would just like to acknowledge Lisa McCaffrey here. What a QUEEN. Any man would gladly go to war for a wife like her. And that jock strap comment....interview over coz Me and the mrs got business to attend to in the house.

  • Russell Snyder

    Russell Snyder

     18 hours ago

    The fact she's a stone cold babe is the least appealing thing about her.

  • Absolute Zero Below

    Absolute Zero Below

     4 days ago

    Absolutely Amazing I always Admired Mccafrey

  • Marc Rover

    Marc Rover

     5 days ago

    You can just tell his wife loves him a lot.

    If your woman speaks up for you like that, cause you're humble or perhaps you're just quiet, it's because she feels protective and proud of you.

    If she remains silent, and doesn't speak on your behalf, she's either INCREDIBLY shy or she doesn't love you.

  • Alex


     5 days ago

    I dont even follow the NFL , but this was such a cool, beautiful story to come across.

  • J PR

    J PR

     5 days ago

    The perfectly imperfect family that makes the world just a little bit better by their actions, attitudes and behaviors

  • Hugh Guidi

    Hugh Guidi

     6 days ago

    I love this family! What a video. Lisa’s dad, Dave Sime, was a 2 sport star at Duke and in the 50’s-1960 held the wr in the 100m. Won Silver in the 100 at the 1960 Olympics in a photo finish. Then ran anchor on the 4x100 relay coming from behind to win the Gold. But the team was disqualified for an illegal baton pass. Kind of snake bit re the Olympics. I’d say some of the boys speed came from him too.

  • Evensteven Thrumedialies

    Evensteven Thrumedialies

     6 days ago +1

    One would think that his wife played for the broncos while he made brownies at home.. she cuts him off and answers all the questions

  • Ron Babu

    Ron Babu

     1 weeks ago

    “Manners Maketh Man”
    -Christian McCaff...
    -Harry Hart (The Kingsman) 👀

  • Percy Brown

    Percy Brown

     1 weeks ago

    The McCaffreys family sets a great example of a good family life, there is no comparison.

  • Richard Olmo

    Richard Olmo

     1 weeks ago

    That whole fam is cut from a different cloth

  • Austin Wood

    Austin Wood

     1 weeks ago

    Their mom actually admitting who her favorite kid is might seem mean and ridiculous but I think it’s actually respectable for her to be honest about it like that. Yeah, it does seem a bit harsh but I feel like every parent has their favorite kid but just lies and say that all of their kids are their favorite. She’s cool.

  • Stephen Fermoyle

    Stephen Fermoyle

     1 weeks ago


  • Stephen Fermoyle

    Stephen Fermoyle

     1 weeks ago


  • Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

     1 weeks ago

    Loved watching him play. It was awful seeing him break his leg on MNF and then the next day was 9/11. Ugh.

  • Let’s go Canes

    Let’s go Canes

     1 weeks ago

    i love the panthers and espically christan

  • 100 million subs with no videos

    100 million subs with no videos

     1 weeks ago

    That would be the best thing in the world to be a kid again but to be born to a big brother who is a star in the nfl and a dad who was a star too

  • CAYNE247


     1 weeks ago

    How is Christian 5'11 and blonde when is father is 6'5 and has dark hair? That's kind of suspicious

  • nobody d

    nobody d

     1 weeks ago

    Funny how Father plus Mother = Success

  • Ralph Livingston

    Ralph Livingston

     1 weeks ago

    The wife/mom is the coolest lady ever. She’s also beautiful but that sounds sexist… That is sexist.