Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting
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Channel 4 News: Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting


Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020

Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting

There was something Shakespearean about the Royal family crisis meeting today at Sandringham. The warring factions of a troubled family parlayed in Norfolk. Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex, all huddled under the ire of the Monarch.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to meet with the Queen to try and clarify their plans to step away from life as a royal couple. They agreed to a ‘period of transition’ before the couple move out of the spotlight of the royal family. ‘Megxit’ appears to be happening.

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  • CaliforniaHiker


     1 hours ago

    Meghan is a breath of fresh air. Harry and Meghan have done a lot of good, yet they are have been persecuted by the British tabloid press. When Kate does something it‘s cute. If Meghan does the same thing she‘s being shamed. Judging by the queen‘s statement, I think she‘s in agreement. (“... will enable them to build a happy and peaceful life”). Peaceful. Less tabloid press. Fewer insulting headlines. Meghan said “it’s not enough to survive. You need to thrive”. How can they thrive facing those unjust ugly headlines every day?
    Why is the biggest story not about Prince Andrew and his aberrant leanings? Why keep such a negative focus on these two royals who are such good ambassadors?
    How are Meghan and Harry hurting the monarchy? How is Andrew hurting the monarchy?

  • scary times

    scary times

     2 hours ago

    Hilarious that they're that retarded to move to Canada with daily fallout from Fukushima.

  • Margaret Chen

    Margaret Chen

     5 hours ago

    Harry had been blind-sided since the day his mother was killed.

  • علي احمد علي باشنيني

    علي احمد علي باشنيني

     5 hours ago

    خطوة ممتازة وردة فعل راقية جدآ لعلها تجلب السعادة للجميع هاكذا الحياة لقاء وفراق نتمنئ حظ سعيد للجميع.

  • Kold Kave

    Kold Kave

     5 hours ago

    listen to black women more.

  • Wicz Rabin

    Wicz Rabin

     5 hours ago

    MEGEXIT it's a misleading title, it's HAREXIT He left the royal family, of course, you have to blame Meghan ...😋🙄😳🤣

  • Kold Kave

    Kold Kave

     5 hours ago

    Oioi sapphire!!!!

  • Talit Aslam

    Talit Aslam

     6 hours ago

    Thanks Queen, 150 million will do, see you soon XXX

  • Starlove Records

    Starlove Records

     6 hours ago

    good riddance to bad rubbish. Harry and Megin are trashy to begin with.



     8 hours ago

    It's right for Harry and Megan to ask for early exit... They are not in the direct line but always have a direct attach of bullying... Harry won't stand by looking while his wife was being attack. They can serve the Queen and country without being HRH.

  • Leslie Bessesen

    Leslie Bessesen

     8 hours ago

    let them be,,,at least they want to go and make their own money and live a different life....

  • E P

    E P

     13 hours ago

    The transition?
    They only want Big Hollywood money and fame!
    They don’t fit in the Royal Family.
    They don’t want the obligations but want to keep the perks. I don’t think so, missy.

  • Teresita Ekim

    Teresita Ekim

     18 hours ago

    The public contributed to the problem. Some are too prejudicial to Megan. This is the result now.

  • Paula Rode-Benjamin

    Paula Rode-Benjamin

     19 hours ago

    A great nothing to distract people from the child molester/rapist Andrew, the Queen's favorite child.

  • peter chapman

    peter chapman

     21 hours ago

    Harry was born into Royalty and should accept his duties, Meghan has married into it but must have realized what was expected of her, they are given many privileges including considerable wealth and should not have been given a choice.

  • Elvira Ella Salibasic

    Elvira Ella Salibasic

     22 hours ago

    The lady presenting a new country for Susexes... Canida! Well, maybe they are truly going there and we will never know where is that! Nor will they! 👋👑

  • Elvira Ella Salibasic

    Elvira Ella Salibasic

     22 hours ago

    Canida!!??? 👎😂😂

  • Terry Kane

    Terry Kane

     23 hours ago

    In America racism is blatant but in the UK it's far worse. The things that Brits said about the baby Archie is reprehensible. Meghan will be happier here.

  • wattlesong


     1 days ago

    Well done Meghan and Harry, stay away from that vile, racist, ignorant country as much as possible.

    Liz destroyed the life of her sister Margaret, glad she's not going to repeat the cruel mistake this time around.

  • mikael mcfarlane

    mikael mcfarlane

     1 days ago

    It's an affair of distruction corruption and confusion , Islam is involved