HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls
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DAZN USA: HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

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  • Lucino Licaros

    Lucino Licaros

     7 hours ago

    GGG should fight Canelo outside USA otherwise he will be rob and lost again trust me

  • TremendousOne ELLIO

    TremendousOne ELLIO

     1 days ago +1


  • Creatif Etudes

    Creatif Etudes

     1 weeks ago

    GGG is slow as a turtle and was fighting a no one. He received hard ones from this fighter. Canelo will eat it

  • Christian J

    Christian J

     1 weeks ago

    Rolls did much better than Martirosyan and he fought less-known fighters in his career.

  • Сакун Ебанян

    Сакун Ебанян

     1 weeks ago

    kanalya were are you&

  • Marco Fernandez

    Marco Fernandez

     1 weeks ago

    We need ggg like that with canelo....😁😁

  • ian Vince Cruz

    ian Vince Cruz

     1 weeks ago

    Canelo Alvarez should go back to this division and face the the true champion

  • rV Knight

    rV Knight

     1 weeks ago

    GGG is not the fastest puncher but hella precise with this punches

  • Jessica Arenas

    Jessica Arenas

     1 weeks ago

    Sends a message to canelo? Hahaha
    The total opposite whos the 4 division champ? Huh?

  • The Greatest Nation On Earth

    The Greatest Nation On Earth

     2 weeks ago

    If GGG was American, they would have called him one of the greatest to ever live

  • Nur Hayat

    Nur Hayat

     2 weeks ago

    Golovkin yg terbaik

  • Jason Springer

    Jason Springer

     2 weeks ago +1

    Crazy how he gets power behind that awkward punch. He is getting older and slower but still better than the majority

  • Aristyo Rahardiyan

    Aristyo Rahardiyan

     2 weeks ago

    I'm bored and just typed randomly ggg

  • wepush foru

    wepush foru

     3 weeks ago

    GGG wow

  • Yusuf O Ryan

    Yusuf O Ryan

     3 weeks ago

    the momen big dramashow of GGG / Gennardy

  • Vernon Alexis

    Vernon Alexis

     1 months ago

    Fight nigel benn ggg

  • julius dogta

    julius dogta

     1 months ago

    Prime GGG vs Prime Pacman would be interesting

  • jesus rivera

    jesus rivera

     1 months ago

    If only he could do this to top contenders.. Father Time is catching up to him



     1 months ago

    3G becomes more powerful but more slow.... hé Will never win someone fast...

  • Chris K

    Chris K

     1 months ago +1

    Comparing how GGG looked here and in the Derev fight, I think it's clear that the cut to 160 is compromising his performances. Granted, he fought a lesser opponent in Rolls, but he still "looked" better in the sense that he moved better, seemed less fatigued, had more pop and speed. Against Derev, GGG looked kind of flat from the get go. Also, consider the difficulty GGG had in making the IBF second-day weigh-in. Maybe a move to 168 would do him some favors.

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