H3 Podcast: The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120

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Source: https://youtu.be/kP8ho4WL0mU

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  • Jas Wal

    Jas Wal

     24 minutes ago +1

    I can already tell your kid is gay

  • Chise Ainsworth

    Chise Ainsworth

     5 hours ago

    yall are goals and give me hope, bless you three i hope u all have happy lives full of health

  • Cypher8462


     5 hours ago

    My mom was awake 24 hours before going into labour and fell a sleep through childbirth

  • Nicole Peric

    Nicole Peric

     7 hours ago

    I'm so happy for him🤗

  • Saul Moses

    Saul Moses

     9 hours ago

    I'm a 20 year old dude and I'm about to cry

  • Team2Litty


     10 hours ago

    Congrats on having a new nephew Ethan! He kind of liiks like you, weird yeah?

  • P. consuela banana H.

    P. consuela banana H.

     14 hours ago

    I agree the catheter was the WORST part of giving birth.

  • MrTwisted


     1 days ago

    I don't get what the big deal is with epidurals. I don't like needles very much, and true I can't see my own epidurals, but I get between 9 to 27 epidurals a year within a few month period, right before I get the nerves fried, every 9-12 months. It does help that the area is numb from local anesthesia, but yea, sometime that first one hasn't kicked in much before the stabbing.
    But I do congratulate you two on your new adventure. My youngest is now an adult (legally, depending on what she is doing, moronic rules and such of society) so my adventure has moved unto another level of parenthood. Best wishes.

  • Pele Polk

    Pele Polk

     1 days ago +1

    what I was scared of: ripping open
    what i’m scared of now: catheter

  • AnythingAtAll


     1 days ago

    Hila is an absolute champ

  • Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers

     1 days ago

    The people who disliked this video are gay

  • Heather Sinbela

    Heather Sinbela

     2 days ago

    Oh my God Theodore has his dad’s neck his mom’s hair

  • Anastasia Rigney

    Anastasia Rigney

     2 days ago

    I’m a newbie! Can someone tell me what’s up with Ethans eyes and eyebrows? (No hate, I love this guy)

  • Jalen Duroseau

    Jalen Duroseau

     2 days ago

    It’s crazy how if the holocaust didn’t happen Theodore wouldnt even exist

  • IpaxPhantom


     2 days ago


  • IpaxPhantom


     2 days ago

    Beanie prince

  • IpaxPhantom


     2 days ago

    Beanie Baby!

  • babybluex


     3 days ago

    I live in the UK and shes on tv ever single day for around 8hrs, everyday!.

  • babybluex


     3 days ago

    The reason people dont like getting an epidural is because it can leave you with back pain, I dont know if that's a myth but that's what a lot of women believe.

  • babybluex


     3 days ago

    FYI for anyone who hasn't had an epidural, it doesnt work for everyone as I found out lol I just vomited a lot and never went numb. I ended up having an emergency c section and they use the epidural to numb you and it didnt work so I had to be put to sleep.