H3 Podcast: The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120

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Source: https://youtu.be/kP8ho4WL0mU

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  • Adventuresin 2020

    Adventuresin 2020

     1 days ago

    He’s so proud of his little baby he created omg this is adorable my fav episode

  • Shahin Daneshjoo

    Shahin Daneshjoo

     1 days ago

    wow congrats... He is so beautifull and cute.. God Bless Him :***

  • reilégh


     1 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday 💖

  • Miranda Sanchez

    Miranda Sanchez

     3 days ago

    I know I'm late as fuck, but I got an epidural, and as much as I love being numb, it felt so wrong when they were putting the needle in my spine. It made me scared that if I moved at all, or simply coughed, I'd be paralyzed. My spine felt so uncomfortable.

  • Wrestling


     3 days ago

    Yo you look depressed

  • Kenakibae


     6 days ago

    An I oop-

  • 1Tap Biggity

    1Tap Biggity

     1 weeks ago

    “When he goes to sleep it’s like... level completed” 😂

  • Nady Boyer

    Nady Boyer

     1 weeks ago

    It like, my baby sister birth.
    Edit: my sister is one year now and I love her to life.

  • Deez Nuts

    Deez Nuts

     1 weeks ago

    Anyone know why his eyebrows do that?

  • Touchof Madnez

    Touchof Madnez

     1 weeks ago

    Your an amazing couple, what a beautiful baby. Congratulations. Hila is a trooper.

  • D Ed

    D Ed

     1 weeks ago

    Theodore is obviously getting the best head.

  • MrDannyloco


     1 weeks ago

    35:45 “In a nature Setting” 👀💦

  • Kici K

    Kici K

     2 weeks ago

    She is just beautiful

  • AOB


     2 weeks ago

    Hila looked very beautiful throughout. Congratulations Ethan and Hila!

  • Mivias


     2 weeks ago +1

    It feels weird that human birth is soooo complicated in a way that without professional assistance, like in medieval times women can actually die !! But then you see cats or dogs giving birth alone like literally solo!! And many other animals do the same !! When I see what they had to do to for a pregnancy like the spine thingy and stuff God... Praise women

  • Juliette Zea

    Juliette Zea

     2 weeks ago

    How old is Hila?

  • Mivias


     2 weeks ago +1

    I am so happy for you ! I didn t even knew she was pregnant! Didn t watch h3h3 for like a year and a half because person reasons and now I see this??? You made my day better ! Very happy for you

  • DreamLandBuds


     3 weeks ago

    1:05:33 I know Ethan said to stay calm even when a newborn's hysterically crying but I still went into panic mode

  • KingPaper


     3 weeks ago

    Damn Im Late But This H3h3 Had Baby What!! Be A Good Futher

  • OoZe-Fortnite


     3 weeks ago

    When he Yanned I yanned