Can Cinnamon Become Cotton Candy?
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The King of Random: Can Cinnamon Become Cotton Candy?


Published on: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Can Cinnamon Become Cotton Candy?

In this video we’re seeing if you can make different kinds of cotton candy- cinnamon, brown sugar and honey.

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  • Gib Ger

    Gib Ger

     17 hours ago

    You should try msg and grenadine.

  • Uwe Penzkofer

    Uwe Penzkofer

     5 days ago

    How should a tree bark (cinnamon) become cotton candy?

  • americandevil


     6 days ago

    cinnamon oil with sugar

  • Big Marshmelo

    Big Marshmelo

     1 weeks ago

    Hey I think I know how to get the honey to work freeze it then crush it up then put it in the cotton candy machine

  • Marla Pacheco

    Marla Pacheco

     1 weeks ago

    Maybe for the brown sugar and honey dry them out?

  • Taryn Burtlow

    Taryn Burtlow

     1 weeks ago

    What would happen if you made gummy candies into cotton candy. I dont know if this has been done yet?

  • Skylar Woolford

    Skylar Woolford

     1 weeks ago

    like if yo want them to make elephant tooth paste!

  • Mellisa Lurhes

    Mellisa Lurhes

     2 weeks ago

    You should tie string to the blades of a blender and try to make rope

  • sean junkin

    sean junkin

     2 weeks ago

    bit of advice from a scientist: you need to make a water based extract from the cinnamon, spike it with sugar to saturation, and then remove the moisture and you'll get cinnamon flavored sugar, rather than a crude mix of sugar and small solid chunks of cinnamon. you're welcome

  • Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly

     2 weeks ago

    I absolutely love it when a gorgeous woman wants to lick something.

  • Zatar 123

    Zatar 123

     2 weeks ago

    Honey can crystallize. So crystallize, and then grind into a powder, and then try making cotton candy with that.

  • Samantha Petray

    Samantha Petray

     2 weeks ago

    Can you turn salt into cotton candy

  • spongebob stan

    spongebob stan

     2 weeks ago

    Calli's being salty about not being included in that comment lol

  • Aubrey G

    Aubrey G

     2 weeks ago

    black and red liquor is cotton candy?

  • Rachel Bowen

    Rachel Bowen

     2 weeks ago +1

    Freeze dry pizza 🍕

  • Sythe5665


     2 weeks ago

    1:53 there's another microwave behind her 🧐

  • a- z

    a- z

     3 weeks ago

    can you try making clear quartz crystals from foggy ones

  • David P

    David P

     3 weeks ago

    Will you like to go out with me

  • Callie Rose Martinsyde

    Callie Rose Martinsyde

     3 weeks ago

    Instead of brown sugar, maybe try blond/turbinado sugar (brand name Sugar In The Raw). It still has some of the molasses but it's not as gummy as brown sugar. Also, honey that's been sitting for a long time crystalizes - that might be something to try.

  • Chloe Marshall

    Chloe Marshall

     3 weeks ago

    What if you put ginger in a cotton candy machine?