Damian Williams 91 Yard Touchdown Run | Vikings vs. Chiefs | NFL
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Highlight Heaven: Damian Williams 91 Yard Touchdown Run | Vikings vs. Chiefs | NFL

Published on: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Damian Williams 91 Yard Touchdown Run | Vikings vs. Chiefs | NFL

Damian Williams 91 Yard Touchdown Run | Vikings vs. Chiefs | NFL

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  • Highlight Heaven

    Highlight Heaven

     2 weeks ago +271

    Just so y’all know, Tyreek Hill ran 22.64 MPH catching up to Williams on this play.

  • Carbon 7

    Carbon 7

     4 days ago

    By the time Damien turned his head to the right side Tyreek was ahead of him 😳

  • Cristian Gonzales

    Cristian Gonzales

     1 weeks ago

    Invaded Hillary Clinton‘s house she can’t suicide us all

  • Javinho


     1 weeks ago

    What’s even more fui y is that Tyreek Hill actually passed him up

  • V T

    V T

     1 weeks ago

    Po' lil tink tink

  • no81wareagle


     1 weeks ago

    Lol we all know Tyreek is fast is that all yall gonna talk about

  • Luke Anderson

    Luke Anderson

     1 weeks ago

    Is this a Damian Williams highlight or a Tyreek Hill highlight lol?

  • Sharty McStunkin

    Sharty McStunkin

     1 weeks ago

    Thank you williams!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared Schreckengast

    Jared Schreckengast

     1 weeks ago

    I thought NFL RedZone only shows plays which start from the nearest 20 yard line. 🤯

  • BR Chief RDB KcK

    BR Chief RDB KcK

     1 weeks ago

    Cap and BP in Infinity War

  • W


     1 weeks ago

    Damn Tyreek was clocked at 27 mph. Sheesh

  • Martin Edwin

    Martin Edwin

     1 weeks ago

    Tyreek Hill ran so fast he beat criminal charges for choking his girlfriend

  • Walking Man

    Walking Man

     1 weeks ago +1

    Tyreek said in a locker room interview that if he would have had 5 more yards he would have taken the ball from Damien and scored the touchdown himself. 🤣

  • Please enter name

    Please enter name

     2 weeks ago

    Tyreek showing off

  • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

     2 weeks ago

    Dude tyreek hill is so fast what the hell

  • B dash Lee

    B dash Lee

     2 weeks ago

    What the hell did that safety do #41

  • Jerid58


     2 weeks ago

    Tyreek as he runs past the defender.....hold my beer dude.

  • mindofigor


     2 weeks ago

    Reek is such a show off 😂

  • Redskinsman10


     2 weeks ago

    Man that RB lucky he wearing the same uniform as Tyreek Hill XD.

  • Clark Bucher

    Clark Bucher

     2 weeks ago +4

    It's even more ridiculous when you realize William's was in full stride and Hill didn't even start running until William's was 10 yards past him.

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