Happy New Year - Something to be Thankful For
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Titanic: Honor And Glory: Happy New Year - Something to be Thankful For


Published on: Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year - Something to be Thankful For

Our team is thankful to all of our supportive fans, and especially Chris Wilson for his generous gift.

Source: https://youtu.be/m9LS6LguQZk

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  • Mikosch2


     7 months ago

    What the hell kind of person gives this video a dislike?

  • TheWanderer1990


     10 months ago

    wow this is incredible, what a fantastic gift to all of us being able to see these pieces!

  • Chris Swenson

    Chris Swenson

     10 months ago +1

    Great video! Very happy to see the time and effort put in to making this "Thank You" video to my best friend Chris! Not only is he very kind and generous, he's the biggest Titanic fan I have ever met and its safe to assume the importance of the completion of the game and this experience altogether! Good luck and lots of support in completing this highly anticipated masterpiece.

  • KSP-Crafter


     10 months ago

    I know an accurate way to determine the true hue of the 'White Star Buff'!

    For an AI / a neural network would be perfectly suitable, the given fixed points such as average skin color of the passengers, sea gulls, position of the sun, average brightness of the sea at a given time, Bullaug reflections, the titanium white of the boat deck, including the exact photosensitivity of the film rolls from this time algorithmically for reference.

    With proper computing precision, the true White Star Buff of the Titanic could be calculated so far that the human eye can no longer see any difference within the strongly limited spectrum, so the original White Star Buff would be practically (with high precision) found! That would not only be for the game but in general a milestone in the history of Titanic exploration!

  • Nícolas Allbarelo de Gois

    Nícolas Allbarelo de Gois

     10 months ago

    Im canadian and i love the colours and the ammout of detail on the ship. Titanic honour and gloury is an great project.

  • Avida Dollards

    Avida Dollards

     11 months ago

    Wow ! This guy is so generous !

  • Domininkas Jakaitis

    Domininkas Jakaitis

     11 months ago

    If I could, I would give you a million for this project! 🤩

  • Play Classic

    Play Classic

     11 months ago +1

    Is it coming for Xbox One?

  • The Felipe Family

    The Felipe Family

     11 months ago +3

    Do Lusitania sinks real time

  • ByteGuy Gaming

    ByteGuy Gaming

     11 months ago

    is that queen mary on your tie tom? Oh also HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! These items look amazing and it will be super cool to see it in the game

  • StepZetaMusic


     11 months ago

    I was wondering... Does this guy wear a suit and tie even when he sleeps?

  • Ralph Sheppard

    Ralph Sheppard

     11 months ago

    American Pocket watches were just well made! Lord Elgin made some great examples in Solid White Gold Encasing and lovely engravings on the parts.

  • Tyler Dunphy

    Tyler Dunphy

     11 months ago

    Why do people have to dislike

  • Sara Morgan

    Sara Morgan

     11 months ago

    I will get the game but how much wlll it be??

  • Chris Hood

    Chris Hood

     11 months ago

    This work that these guys have put into this project is a gift to the Titanic community!

  • sinking_feeling


     11 months ago +2

    i love wood that is cut

  • Sergeantmk3sedan


     11 months ago

    Do a video on differences between olympic and titanic

  • Darklord666123


     11 months ago

    Pocket watch??....
    "See here, this isnt about your dedication. Pringle certainly attests to your loyalty. No, your dismissal stems from the Titanic mission. That failure can no longer be ignored, especially now. I am sorry, but someone must shoulder the blame. The Service, you understand. We can't be held responsible."

  • Misha


     11 months ago

    Beautiful. ♡

  • Joshua STROUPE

    Joshua STROUPE

     11 months ago

    Happy new year Tom and to all who are part of the THG team! I just want to thank everyone for the hard work and dedication that goes into this project. I see people who truly care about and appreciate Titanic, her story, her passengers and their stories. Keep up the good work! Loving the videos and always appreciate the new content