Binging with Babish: Shrimp from Forrest Gump Part II
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Binging with Babish: Binging with Babish: Shrimp from Forrest Gump Part II

Published on: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Binging with Babish: Shrimp from Forrest Gump Part II

This week, we finally revisit the all-American fantasy of Forrest Gump, crossing a few more dishes off Bubba's comprehensive shrimp-preparation list. Due to the growing complexity of the dishes, I've had to cut it down to three this time around, but hey - that means there's gonna be a Part III! Eventually.

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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

     6 months ago +8392

    I'm realizing that I've been calling the Bubba episodes "Part I, Part II" and the Seinfeld episodes "Volume I, Volume II". Is that ruining anyone else's day?

  • evvignes


     48 minutes ago

    Emeril Lagassé says, “BAM!” .

  • BertramBBN


     3 hours ago

    We Danes put remoulade on everything

  • lol no u

    lol no u

     17 hours ago

    Hitler: 2:16

  • alexdunlap16


     19 hours ago

    Emerald definitely doesn't say boom. He says bam!

    I've even watching cooking shows and the food network for as long as I can remember. And he's always said BAM! LOL.

  • S. Nifrum

    S. Nifrum

     23 hours ago

    Why did you put the rice on the side? Stir that shit together man

  • Whoamiacrazerson


     1 days ago

    What did he do to those poor shrimp?
    What did they witness?

  • Nipplestifilitus


     1 days ago

    3:15 bubba is from alabama not louisiana

  • Alex


     1 days ago

    When u said boom I died a bit inside

  • Joseph Varga

    Joseph Varga

     3 days ago

    Babish: youre already dead
    Is that a Jojo reference?

  • Tony McModeNut

    Tony McModeNut

     4 days ago

    Wuster-sheer. That's all. :D

  • TJ


     4 days ago

    @2:18 To all American's - It is pronounced "Wuster - sher" sauce. You're welcome. :p

  • grace shuttleworth

    grace shuttleworth

     6 days ago

    All you Americans butcher the English language 😂 ( it’s pronounced wuh-ster-sher)

  • Alex Eoneseven

    Alex Eoneseven

     6 days ago

    Dude. War-ster-sheer sauce. 🙄

  • Kubloo


     6 days ago

    We accidentally combined our sauce and burger together... not a bad mix!

  • Catt Johnson

    Catt Johnson

     1 weeks ago

    So worcestshire sauce can either be said Wustesher or just wuster sincerely, Brits

  • Conqueror Ezreal

    Conqueror Ezreal

     1 weeks ago

    I laughed way harder than I needed to when you said "Boom", "Bang", and "Wham" when using the Emeril Essence.

  • Caleb Hill

    Caleb Hill

     1 weeks ago

    For some reason I never thought about i'm eating a small amount of shit right now when I ate shrimp.🤔

  • roy kueny

    roy kueny

     1 weeks ago

    What’s he gonna do when he runs out of shows and mobies

  • Carter Caraway

    Carter Caraway

     1 weeks ago

    “Time to wok and roll.... sorry”

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