Team Edge: Shoot the Invisible Person Challenge!!

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

Shoot the Invisible Person Challenge!!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we hide behind a skrim while a player throws eggs at us! If the lights go out, we can move around! But if the lights turn on, we can't move! Check it out!
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  • Cardin Vuong

    Cardin Vuong

     9 hours ago

    Go bobbyyyy

  • Ruchi Bindra

    Ruchi Bindra

     13 hours ago +1

    What do you like more

    Eggs or

    Like if eggs or
    Dislike if cereal

  • Alex.G Breaker

    Alex.G Breaker

     1 days ago

    Bruh you cant put a team fortress two voice like i heard pow from heavy from tf2 you can put a tf2 voice nerver ok

  • BenD it

    BenD it

     2 days ago +1

    Bobby had aimbot activated for the 1st round

  • Ballz2U


     5 days ago

    Bryan always hides his crotch when they get in these skintight suits lol

  • Noreen Calhoun

    Noreen Calhoun

     6 days ago

    I feel bad for Bryan

  • Amanda Major

    Amanda Major

     1 weeks ago

    Fgteevs song is in the backround .song:fortnite better give me my kids back

  • Edens St. Fort

    Edens St. Fort

     1 weeks ago

    Bobby you 7

  • Edens St. Fort

    Edens St. Fort

     1 weeks ago

    Bryan had 7

  • Edens St. Fort

    Edens St. Fort

     1 weeks ago

    J Fred have 5

  • Perky Agent

    Perky Agent

     1 weeks ago

    Nice shot bobby

  • Gabe Plays

    Gabe Plays

     1 weeks ago +2

    1:18 Wait how do you know he caught it?

  • BlurredOut Weirdo

    BlurredOut Weirdo

     1 weeks ago

    Why is Brian always cheating and J-Fred always complaining?

  • Joshua solano

    Joshua solano

     2 weeks ago

    1like =bryan a life

  • Tarik Thompson

    Tarik Thompson

     2 weeks ago

    As it no body dope like me I,m just so fresh in clean so fresh in clean clean clean

  • ThatTriggeredOne


     2 weeks ago

    1 like = 1 hope for the balls

  • Caleb Gaylor

    Caleb Gaylor

     2 weeks ago +3

    Bryan: why'd you move?

    J-Fred: cuz i got ScArEd....

  • Mathew Laundon

    Mathew Laundon

     2 weeks ago +1


  • Justin M Turner-Eggeson

    Justin M Turner-Eggeson

     3 weeks ago

    When one rayn caches an egg HEY THAT SHUD Cont AS TO / WITTNY IT CONTS

  • Edward Strauss

    Edward Strauss

     3 weeks ago

    5:03 legendary moments here