Chicago’s police superintendent fired just days before he was to retire
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ABC News: Chicago’s police superintendent fired just days before he was to retire


Published on: Monday, December 2, 2019

Chicago’s police superintendent fired just days before he was to retire

The city’s mayor accused Eddie Johnson, who was largely popular in the city, of lying about an incident in October in which officers found him unconscious in his SUV.




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  • Mrs Beckie To You!

    Mrs Beckie To You!

     2 days ago

    Weeks before retirement. Give him his god damn pension. If they dont they are POS.

  • Akuunda Matada

    Akuunda Matada

     2 days ago

    He cheated on his wife.
    Got a blowjob in the car.

  • T. PEN

    T. PEN

     2 days ago

    Ah yes... The leftist liberals retaliated against this cop who would not tow the fake juicer smullerette case line. Crazy corrupt demorats strikes again.

  • Valhalla


     3 days ago +1

    "I am not going to reveal anything about the case but I WILL host a press conference about the case" #MayorLogic

  • arthur wiebe

    arthur wiebe

     3 days ago

    enjoy your 14k a month pension haha

  • Sauce Queen

    Sauce Queen

     4 days ago

    Glad he was fired,he was in a position of leadership,yet Chicago had a huge crime rate and poor schools....

  • Chicago P.D. Transparency

    Chicago P.D. Transparency

     4 days ago

    Eddie’s CPD girlfriend is Cynthia Donald.
    What are you waiting for?

  • billthestinker


     4 days ago

    Eddie was high on Viagra 💪🏿 and flash his happenis to the mayor and she plays on the other team

  • Noteman


     4 days ago

    He’s a obese diabetic alcoholic. No fucking pension. Same goes for the pigs that talked to him and let him go. Pigs commit more crimes than any career. Followed by useless teachers. Married and making out with another woman. Typical black for sure.

  • Mz T

    Mz T

     4 days ago

    What an asshole

  • theartplaza


     4 days ago

    You got to love government transparency. No clue as to what he was fired for or if he should have been prosecuted. What bullshit about sparing his wife and daughter. The city and the country have the right to know why he was fired.

  • carmen alexis

    carmen alexis

     5 days ago

    He was "asleep".... Right 😉

  • wolf blitzer

    wolf blitzer

     5 days ago

    I'm from the UK isn't Chicago in a real mess at the minute

  • The Melinated Square #SYSBM!

    The Melinated Square #SYSBM!

     5 days ago

    OL' Lightfoot looks like an 👽 from another planet!😂😂😂🤣

  • Rebel Channel Without a Cause

    Rebel Channel Without a Cause

     5 days ago

    I love how the officers chose not to breathalyze him. 👌 OK. If it had been any of us regular people we would have been taken in for a dui. MANY people have gotten DUIs from being asleep in a parked car after drinking. Which is the responsible thing to do mind you. Pull over to sober up. But the chief can say, "sleeping in a car doesn't mean you're impaired ". If he can use that excuse, then all the people with dui's from sleeping in parked cars should have their records expunged.

  • deezomaxima


     5 days ago

    Good for his ass. Payback for all the bullshit he's done and covered up over the years.

  • Semper Fortis

    Semper Fortis

     5 days ago

    Was he fired because he was using the Chicago Police as a "Hit Squad for Hire" for the various Chicago street gangs; which are subsidiaries of international cartels?

    Let's not forget the city was literally run by a f***** terrorist!

  • Kelvin Lee

    Kelvin Lee

     5 days ago

    That’s some bullshit there that man up for retirement And she fires him a bet she was trying to fuck him and he turned her man looking ass down an she got mad about it

  • Philip Vizcarra

    Philip Vizcarra

     5 days ago

    What the f**ck is wrong with this stupid mayor, I don't like this chief much either but being fired days before he is set to retire!!! Exessive much. I hope the police deptment stand up and fires her!!!

  • bernie udo

    bernie udo

     5 days ago

    Chicago needs to be taken over by a Federal Administrator. Just like school districts deemed to be failing. Let it be managed by a Court appointed retired City Manager. Can't do any worse. 😇🇺🇸