The Royal Family Channel: Duke of Cambridge Opens New BAFTA Exhibition

Published on: Monday, September 16, 2019

Duke of Cambridge Opens New BAFTA Exhibition

The Duke of Cambridge opened the Bafta’s new public exhibition in London on Monday, where he met actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The display celebrates award-winning films at BAFTA's headquarters.

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  • J.


     2 weeks ago

    The Duke of boredom.

  • Teresa  Jewett

    Teresa Jewett

     3 weeks ago

    He does his best. I can't help but have respect for him.. i love him and his family.

  • Perky Perkins

    Perky Perkins

     3 weeks ago

    Genuine interest in the process shown by Prince William. Nicely done.

  • นอมา อาแว

    นอมา อาแว

     3 weeks ago

    เรายกตำแหน่งให้ อังกฤษ
    ราชวงศ์ ทั้งหมด เอเชีย โดนจับไก่ หมดแล้วครับ

  • Louis Hundred

    Louis Hundred

     3 weeks ago

    Love Prince William 👑🌷💖💫

    Love Royal Family 👑🌷💖💫

  • Suzette Abeysekera

    Suzette Abeysekera

     3 weeks ago +1

    A clear video clip with clear sounds, as I love to hear Their Royal Highnesses speak. Thank you so much.

  • Thịnh Lại

    Thịnh Lại

     4 weeks ago +1

    Hoàng tử William OK quá 😍😍😍

  • Zena Fanom

    Zena Fanom

     4 weeks ago +2

    Last year's attendance with the ever gorgeous, absolutely beautiful Catherine by his side - that memory is still vivid.
    Both put movie stars to shame.

  • Alicia Valadez

    Alicia Valadez

     4 weeks ago +4

    For sure he will be a great KING

  • C.D. Lewis

    C.D. Lewis

     4 weeks ago

    Wheres Kate?

  • Karina Williams

    Karina Williams

     4 weeks ago +3


  • Janet Ambass

    Janet Ambass

     4 weeks ago +7


  • Linda Haggard

    Linda Haggard

     4 weeks ago +7

    He is genuinely interested in each person and they have his full attention. Treats the one he is conversing with as they are the only person in the room. And, for a man, William has beautiful eyebrows!! Prince Louis has always had the most gorgeous eyebrows I have ever seen on a little kid! Used to think he got them from Kate but maybe he inherited William's lovely wings!!!

  • Diana Mersey

    Diana Mersey

     4 weeks ago +9

    The Cambridges 💕👌💕👌💕👌💕👌

  • Texas Made

    Texas Made

     4 weeks ago +14

    He is sooo handsome ! Looks just like his mom !

  • Susan Blanton

    Susan Blanton

     4 weeks ago +15

    Bravo Prince William ..So wonderful to see him !!

  • werner haase

    werner haase

     4 weeks ago

    William get a wig

  • Aura Caipa

    Aura Caipa

     4 weeks ago +1


  • krmyna1


     4 weeks ago +1

    Igual a su mamá.

  • Tome XVIII

    Tome XVIII

     4 weeks ago +3

    Good luck :)