Turnin Rust: Who Ya Gonna Call Part 2 | 1963 Cadillac Hearse Cummins Swap | Ghostbusters Ecto 1 | Turnin Rust

Published on: Saturday, April 6, 2019

Who Ya Gonna Call Part 2 | 1963 Cadillac Hearse Cummins Swap | Ghostbusters Ecto 1 | Turnin Rust

*** SEE PART 1 OF THE BUILD HERE - https://www.cliphaihuoc.net/watch/sCib6S2DIJ4 ***

Previously on Turnin Rust, the guys press forward as they step past a major milestone of getting the 12 valve Cummins transplanted into its new home.

Scavenging through the shop they connect with their inner imagination and create custom props that will allow recognition of a ghost busting machine with a Turnin Rust swing.

With the deadline upon them, they step out of their league to be surrounded by 1000s of shiny elaborate rides. Will they be overlooked, or will the guys and their resurrected patina build grab all the attention they’ve come looking for!

Lights, Camera, Action, No smoke and mirrors here, we are bringing out the big guns, It’s Showtime!

►►Huge Shout out to MAXXD Trailers for hooking us up with a
Power Equipment Trailer (T8X) to make loading our picks a breeze.

Check out their inventory here - https://www.maxxdtrailers.com

►►Huge Shout out to IceBox Performance / Radiator Supply House for helping us out in a time crunch, and supplying the coolest part of our build!!

Need a custom Radiator? - https://www.radiatorsupplyhouse.com/

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Source: https://youtu.be/nz3oHtxI2Gc

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  • ILoveProfits


     2 hours ago

    Best show hands down. Shows the reality of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and not just the finished product.

  • Johncepts Inc

    Johncepts Inc

     1 days ago

    1959 Miller Meteor Cadillac ambulance is the correct Ecto-1

  • Tad Dunavan

    Tad Dunavan

     1 days ago

    You had me until the flamethrower.

  • Ckryse S

    Ckryse S

     4 days ago

    There was once Cadillac used to make beautiful cars, There was once that Cadillac made FIRST V16 sixteen ..so my question is that in coming time will ghostbuster car will be change to electric too??? i know here we are talking about two people engineers and legends who made v16 and beautiful craftsmanship and there is who is going to make or will make ghostbuster series, show or whatever.. I have to check me compass, if my ship is going in right direction or i am lost?

  • CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth

    CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth

     5 days ago

    I have seen VW non runner's selling as is in Colorado for 8 grand. 500 bucks is a steal.

  • Kevin Menke

    Kevin Menke

     6 days ago

    coolant+cat toys=slime...

  • Jimmy Spangler

    Jimmy Spangler

     6 days ago

    Just wanted to say you might not have won the judges but you for sure won the people and that's what really mattered. Great job guys can't wait to watch the rest of your videos and see your future projects yet to come. And now i finally have my kids wanting to watch the ghost busters with me!

  • tony barnes

    tony barnes

     1 weeks ago

    that trailer is very nice

  • Enas Typos

    Enas Typos

     1 weeks ago

    4:25 Wow!! Do these guys (on the left and on the right), vote?? Are they aloud to reproduce clones??

  • Film Masters

    Film Masters

     1 weeks ago

    Sweet ride!

  • Pete Ainsworth

    Pete Ainsworth

     1 weeks ago

    That Ecto1 looks like how the movie car would look if it became possessed by some sort of demon. I like it!

  • Joe SULLY

    Joe SULLY

     1 weeks ago

    Just killed ecto-1 .

  • timothy1701


     1 weeks ago

    I LOVE that car! That is one badass take on the ecto-1! ANd that motor! Damn that thing sounds like a beast. The new 2020 ghostbusters movie looks lime it'll have an older beat up ecto, they need to get some inspiration from this car here. This thing looks like it's been chasing ghost and demons for 35 years!

  • Flying Solo

    Flying Solo

     1 weeks ago

    Sick ride

  • Gordon Blair

    Gordon Blair

     1 weeks ago

    Love the music you put on these videos! can you put up music credits/links too so I can get some of it for myself??

  • suicidel heidel

    suicidel heidel

     1 weeks ago

    Was ein blödsinn! Erstens einen Diesel in den Caddy reinzuschrauben und dann noch die Auspuffrohre dahin zu setzen. Da fährt man nur noch mit geschlossenem Fenster!

  • Christian O'Brien

    Christian O'Brien

     1 weeks ago


  • Improper Bostonian

    Improper Bostonian

     1 weeks ago

    Original Ghostbusters Hearse is a 1959 Cadillac, But the 1963 is plenty cool.

  • Michael Duthie

    Michael Duthie

     2 weeks ago

    this is epic guys

  • MrControversy


     2 weeks ago

    @ 3:27 there is someone in the backseat.......