UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship: UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!

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Source: https://youtu.be/o50GXIX0waA

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  • Pointl Ess

    Pointl Ess

     1 hours ago

    i dont care what anyone says about that punch at the end of round 2, cerrone was not going to win that fight

  • R.S Cars HD

    R.S Cars HD

     5 hours ago

    2 world class fighter.
    Big Respect!

  • hakeem shaji

    hakeem shaji

     6 hours ago

    Donald is a extra ordinary guy

  • MJ Stowers

    MJ Stowers

     9 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy to be dying and make his last breath last twenty years for a retirement

  • Kevin Hughes

    Kevin Hughes

     12 hours ago

    Tony is the type of guy who orders a big mac in burger king and gets one!

  • Spencer Monte Thompson

    Spencer Monte Thompson

     22 hours ago

    I use to be bothered by him, I can’t anymore he’s shows us time and again how honest he is and willing to go and give us something we asked for

  • ado chika

    ado chika

     23 hours ago

    And still and again the UFC lightweight champion Tony Fergusson.. will be for a very long time... On my record...

  • Namir Maher

    Namir Maher

     23 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy Jane prefers over Tarzan.

  • nishbrown


     1 days ago

    YouTube is the type of morons to put this in my notifications, 6 DAYS AFTER I WATCHED IT LIVE.
    Go fuck yourself, broken ass p.o.s. website.

  • Doggy Treats

    Doggy Treats

     1 days ago +2

    Im dumbfounded about the crowd boos Tony has been beast mode lately and is so humble after every fight an amazing fight for him he out punched Cerrone and won honorably..Bunch of haters in Chicago!!

  • xSTNo


     1 days ago

    Why isn’t Khabib on the “most wins” list at 2:30 ?

  • amck72


     1 days ago

    The mma crowd are as bad as soccer fans, real pieces of shit because things didn`t end the way they want it to.

  • joseph diaz

    joseph diaz

     1 days ago

    Tony's style of fighting is so stiff.. If tony have fought a freakin' killer or let's just say a Knock out puncher, and seeing Tony's style of fighting like that... 100% chance tony would get knocked out in his first ever ufc career..

  • Jason Nester

    Jason Nester

     1 days ago

    I wanna see Tony beat khabib

  • Jesse Gibbons

    Jesse Gibbons

     1 days ago


  • terry clifton

    terry clifton

     1 days ago

    Cerrone never looked better!!!

  • Carlos


     1 days ago

    Can anyone explain what's the relation between blowing his nose a his swollen eye? I watched the fight bit I don't know much about MMA.

  • Carlos Valdes

    Carlos Valdes

     1 days ago

    Buena pelea del baquero 👏👏🔥🔥

  • T 69

    T 69

     1 days ago

    Fukin Chicago crowd man

  • omar tyson

    omar tyson

     1 days ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy who gets mad at the ref for stopping the fight after hes won. Khabib vs tony. MAKE IT HAPPEN UFC