UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship: UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!

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Source: https://youtu.be/o50GXIX0waA

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  • Precious Syiem

    Precious Syiem

     5 hours ago

    We want you fight against Mc Gregor

  • Context in motion

    Context in motion

     1 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the real champion! Al Iaquinta and Mcgregor to defend against? Seriously Khabib you are the number 1 contender with the belt.

  • Gokhan A.

    Gokhan A.

     1 days ago

    Anyone wants to watch full ufc fights in hd just get VPN, connect to the Netherlands, and go to veronicafight's channel here on youtube

  • Medium grey

    Medium grey

     2 days ago

    How in the world could you boo Tony Ferguson?

  • Petros Kostianis

    Petros Kostianis

     3 days ago

    I'm disappointed at the crowd. These dudes just went at it. It's not their fault for the stoppage. It happens. I guarantee Tony will give cowboy a rematch.

  • el cucuy

    el cucuy

     5 days ago +1

    Conor and cowboy quit .... yet casuals say still cucuy is cringe.. like 5 years ago

  • el cucuy

    el cucuy

     5 days ago

    Casuals used to say Tony is cringe

  • go lix

    go lix

     5 days ago

    I can not wait the day when Tony beat and then chock Khabib,its gona be so funny

  • Jules Winnfield

    Jules Winnfield

     6 days ago

    What a humble mother fucker coyboy is

  • Emerest Thisk

    Emerest Thisk

     6 days ago

    Tony is the type of guy....who can beat Khabib. But I think he won't manage it, I think it'll be Khabib's hardest fight because of Tony's stamina, and Khabib will not take him down to the mat easily, but I think he will manage it by round 3 and submit him. Ground and pound is going to be a tough option seeing as how durable and mad Ferguson is, so choke will be the strategy.

  • Jay


     1 weeks ago

    They were throwing shit at Tony. This was right after he had a schizophrenic episode. He did not intentionally stick cowboy after the bell. The way they treated him was truly disgusting. Chicago is really letting me down a lot lately and i'm about to drop their teams for the city I've spent most of my life KC

  • jesbsnrn


     1 weeks ago

    tells you the IQ of some of the fans . when two fighters gives everything and gets boos

  • John Sanders

    John Sanders

     1 weeks ago

    Dam thats how seriously tony takes this fight game. Almost cries because he didnt think he gave the fans what they wanted but they where really just booing the call by the med staff to end the fight. Hes a true warrior and is by far my favorite fighter.

  • Shahid MNAK

    Shahid MNAK

     1 weeks ago

    Khabib is real champ.. khabib will beat tony easily.

  • Kawhi Jenner

    Kawhi Jenner

     1 weeks ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wear a resistance band, as a head band

  • Muhammad Afif Bin Mansoor

    Muhammad Afif Bin Mansoor

     1 weeks ago

    Tony the type of guy who trains with Chuck Norris.

  • champmma


     1 weeks ago

    One day this fight there gonna be fighting for the title not for a title shot this should be a title shot

  • just a buffoon with sharingan

    just a buffoon with sharingan

     1 weeks ago

    Tony the typa guy to have his funeral at someone elses wedding

  • Jiko Vicko

    Jiko Vicko

     1 weeks ago

    Tony is the type of guy who makes people say tony is the type of guy..

  • Isaias De Leon

    Isaias De Leon

     1 weeks ago

    Tony took him to the old town road