Binging with Babish 4 Million Subscriber Special: Death Sandwich from Regular Show
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Binging with Babish: Binging with Babish 4 Million Subscriber Special: Death Sandwich from Regular Show

Published on: Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Binging with Babish 4 Million Subscriber Special: Death Sandwich from Regular Show

New episode of Being with Babish!

A very special thank-you to Chef Masaharu Morimoto!

4 million subscribers!! I keep hitting numbers I never imagined I'd ever reach, so I'm going to keep recreating dishes I never imagined I'd ever recreate. This week it's the Death Sandwich from Regular Show, a pretty-plain-lookin' submarine that promises to kill you if you eat it without donning a mullet and jorts. In the Babishian spirit of approaching pop culture repast renditions as realistically as possible, I enlist the help of a tv-chef-superstar to build a sandwich worth...dying for? Probably not, no. But holy shit you guys, I got to hang out with Masaharu Morimoto!!

Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

     7 months ago +36720

    How about that onion though

  • Megha pm

    Megha pm

     9 hours ago

    Poor thing...❤️

  • Flexx Like Ouu

    Flexx Like Ouu

     19 hours ago

    Who else has BALD-FETISH? 😶 Like damn, I would love to get destroyed and split in half by this guy. Anyone else?🤷‍♂😂

  • Maki


     20 hours ago

    It’s a death sandwich cause there’s no cheese in it.

  • Ollertron 994

    Ollertron 994

     20 hours ago

    I feel nastalgic for regular show

  • Lily Grace

    Lily Grace

     23 hours ago

    "Do you have life insurance?"

  • Jay Gaming

    Jay Gaming

     1 days ago

    7:48 a chief with low top air forces?!?! WHAAA!

  • Jessica Barrow

    Jessica Barrow

     1 days ago

    Morimoto needs his own show

  • TheAceOfFIre


     1 days ago

    Uh.. You just casually meet up with the best Iron Chef!?

  • epic gamer bro

    epic gamer bro

     1 days ago

    United States: Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Japan: Kentuckey Fried Food

  • Lf 3400

    Lf 3400

     2 days ago

    "this is all we need fo the sauce" then proceeds to add oil which is not on the list

  • copy the compcom

    copy the compcom

     2 days ago

    This is the amount of people that liked this like-begging comment that has no relation to the video for no reason other than the fact they have no self respect

  • Proudtobeinvisble AL

    Proudtobeinvisble AL

     2 days ago

    Masaharu Morimoto is literally my food hero!!!!

  • Nicholai


     3 days ago

    morimoto was such a gracious host! fun and funny :)

  • Ring Pop

    Ring Pop

     3 days ago

    Damn they didn’t even toast the bread

  • Ring Pop

    Ring Pop

     3 days ago

    Morimoto is literally just feeding him and I’m dying how is this man so intimidating on tv

  • David Robinette

    David Robinette

     3 days ago

    Such a good video though

  • TechStacker


     3 days ago

    With the tiny bit (1/2 tsp) oregano you add, I wonder if it even comes through in the dish? Is it some really powerful oregano? I usually add closer to a tablespoon to this size of dish, and it's not too much.

  • Emerystceltic


     3 days ago

    “Do you have life insurance?”

    Nah that’s not what you say man lol

  • David Charles

    David Charles

     3 days ago +1

    How about that onion though

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