King Kong vs Skullcrawler...with healthbars
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With Healthbars: King Kong vs Skullcrawler...with healthbars


Published on: Monday, August 21, 2017

King Kong vs Skullcrawler...with healthbars

Harambe is back and bigger than ever before, now living in skull island he fights the Skullcrawler...with healthbars

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  • Varun Nayak

    Varun Nayak

     1 days ago

    How King Kong can beat God Zilla really tuff challenge .........king took much time to defeat this asshole

  • Varun Nayak

    Varun Nayak

     1 days ago

    5:30 Godzilla

  • Oyun Manyağı

    Oyun Manyağı

     1 days ago

    Kong: like
    Skull c. : Comment

  • BlizzZickle


     2 days ago

    3:09 Get over here!

  • Malsawm thanga Areyan

    Malsawm thanga Areyan

     2 days ago +13

    Skull crawler: COME HERE BOI 0:08
    Kong: here’s comes the rock smash 0:15
    Skull crawler: Lemme BITE your ARM 0:23
    Skull crawler: and now your neck 0:27
    Skull crawler: bites neck rapidly 0:30
    Kong: not today buster 0:33
    Kong: Do you like the pain!? 0:36
    Kong: smashes against wall 0:40
    Skull crawler: NOT TODAY 0:45
    Skull crawler: bites arm 0:46
    Skull crawler: wraps around and pushes on the ground 0:47
    Skull crawler: tries to dive and bite but fails 0:48
    Kong: punches down to the ground TO LATE 0:49
    Skull crawler: jumps over kong hitting him on the head and tries to bite but fails miserably again 0:51
    Both: rawrs 0:53
    Epic fighting 0:55
    Kong: I had enough... say hi to my new friend 0:59
    Skull crawler: nice weapon you have there... 1:03
    Skull crawler: runs 1:07
    Kong: get ready for my bat! hits 1:12
    Skull crawler: OOF 1:14
    Skull crawler: leaps for a bite but fails and kong squeezes throat 1:20
    Skull crawler: tries to bite but kong dodges 1:23

    If we hit 20 likes on this comment, I’m happy to continue this

  • Fat Dabaroonies

    Fat Dabaroonies

     2 days ago

    I wonder how Godzilla would do against skullcrawler.

  • Toxico venenoso

    Toxico venenoso

     3 days ago

    King Kong siempre gana

  • Bryan Garcia

    Bryan Garcia

     3 days ago


  • insanity YT

    insanity YT

     6 days ago

    Skull crawler is like scp 682

  • 이다원


     1 weeks ago

    What's movie?

  • Junvi Jungco

    Junvi Jungco

     1 weeks ago

    Sub to everyone :​) :)

  • Arny T

    Arny T

     1 weeks ago

    Basically humans vs pit bull on steroids

  • Jamie Fitz

    Jamie Fitz

     1 weeks ago

    Netflix Baby!!!!!!

  • سجادالبصراوي Eueuue

    سجادالبصراوي Eueuue

     1 weeks ago


  • beow cheng Kan

    beow cheng Kan

     1 weeks ago

    This is hands down the most viewed health bars video of all time. Holy crap 118 million?!

  • BbMicroshoter


     1 weeks ago

    DK vs Ridley

  • Марпуза Муратхан

    Марпуза Муратхан

     1 weeks ago


  • Jojo Rivera

    Jojo Rivera

     2 weeks ago


  • mohammad farooq

    mohammad farooq

     2 weeks ago


  • Wesley jogos Conceiçao silvia

    Wesley jogos Conceiçao silvia

     2 weeks ago