How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity!
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NFL Throwback: How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity!


Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity!

Ever wonder how the NFL got to be where it is today? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Evolution of the NFL.


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  • NFL Throwback

    NFL Throwback

     4 months ago +2772

    Glad to see all the positive reception for this video! We are VERY excited to do more videos like this! We did however make a small mistake. The Buccaneers owners name when they come up in 1976 – we said Hugh Culverson – and it’s Culverhouse. We are sorry about the error!

  • Mark Perez

    Mark Perez

     1 hours ago

    This video would label the Browns as a "suspended operation." That REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

    If the Browns didn't come back in 99' that label would have changed. We had to FIGHT to bring our team back. The entire league, except Roger Goodell didn't want the Browns to come back.

  • Huw Leonard

    Huw Leonard

     1 hours ago

    "Payed" is to let a rope out, not give someone money. Where the hell is the editor?

  • Barrison Stone

    Barrison Stone

     3 hours ago

    Great film.. Thanks!! Enjoyed every min.
    I'm a Giants fan..
    yeah.. I accept your apologies...
    BUT... In my unbiased opinion..
    I think the Pats were in most of the top 5 superbowls of all time..
    But..the Pats/ Falcons gets my vote for the greatest SB of all time..
    They said 14 records were broken that day..well I'd like to add a 15th..
    How about the record for the most records being broken in one game..
    I know.. Grab'n at straw on that one.. But. I've never been so enthralled in a game b4.. I was texting an ex-GF (who's a diehard Pat's fan) throughout the whole game (& still have them) she gave up on them several times during the game stating "I'm shutting this off I can't watch this any more!" & my reply is.."C'mon kid.. We're talking about Tom fucking Brady here.. (trying to get her to be more enthused about the game) the greatest QB of all time... (1st time I ever said tbat too).. Relax. They've got plenty a time and they're coming back..I guarantee it!!!"
    & even tho the 18-1 finish to the Pats season was one of my greatest moments.. I still say the Pats/Falcons game was the GOAT game's...
    How come there's never been an in depth servey of which game everyone thinks was the greatest of all time..and NOT just cuz their team won... Cuz Saints & Eagles fans will vote for their teams superbowl..
    Oh.. And the worst.. (In my opinion) Was the Steelers last 2 SB appearences..
    Real yawners... First times I started losing interest and almost went thru the TV guide to see if anything else was (biased?) lol
    I watched the 1980 sonething SB w/the Pats & Bears.. Tough to watch.. I was in a bar..& I dont drink.. With about 100 Pats' fans.
    I'm pretty sure they were a wildcard team that year and their road to the SB was nothing less than spectacular.. But.. Ouch!..
    I member cheering when Grogan came off the bench... But.. You all know what happened next..

  • Abdul Monem

    Abdul Monem

     8 hours ago

    Whoa. How much money does it cost to make a New NFL team? Oregon needs one and so does Alabama

  • Abdul Monem

    Abdul Monem

     8 hours ago

    Whoa. How much money does it cost to make a New NFL team? Oregon needs one and so does Alabama

  • Abdul Monem

    Abdul Monem

     8 hours ago

    Whoa. How much money does it cost to make a New NFL team? Oregon needs one and so does Alabama

  • Abdul Monem

    Abdul Monem

     8 hours ago

    Whoa. How much money does it cost to make a New NFL team? Oregon needs one and so does Alabama

  • Short Humorless

    Short Humorless

     11 hours ago

    Love how far away the Seahawks are from everybody, like the awkward girl at a party

  • Joe


     13 hours ago

    Instant replay says that was a false start on the right tackle at 14:27 lol. His right hand moved off the ground early :)

  • Bradley Taylor

    Bradley Taylor

     13 hours ago +1

    Me from 2120: Here’s your 2nd century history. There’s about 8 teams in Paris, there’s the three teams on the Moon, the 9 teams on Mars, 2 teams on Mercury, and 1 team on Venus.The only team that has never won a super bowl from the 32 in 2019 is the Arizona Cardinals. Now the Mercury Craters, their best record is 84 wins. They got 84-728929737-828 in that season. The Jacksonville Jaguars moves to Cairo Egypt and won the Super Bowl in 2047, and the Houston Texans won 3 Super Bowls from 2067-2074, still the Houston Texans. The Cleveland Browns won 20 Super Bowls before they moved to Moscow to be named the Snowballs, in 2084. The New England Patriots folded in 2094, the Bills lost four straight Super Bowls from 2091-2094, and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2097 and won two Super Bowls from 2098-2099. The Jets folded in 2043, and the Dolphins have yet to win a game since 2020. The Philadelphia Eagles stayed as that name, but became the winningest team in league history, winning 37 Super Bowls counting the 2017 win. That’s day 1 of century two.
    Day two. The Ravens have yet to lose a Super Bowl, been to 23, relocated to DC then renamed the Americans as the Washington Americans, but relocated back to Baltimore. Bengals won 2 Super Bowls. They never made the playoffs for ten years after 2020, with a 16-10 record, losing their first playoff game. The Steelers have gotten only a few Super Bowl wins. They moved to Madrid Spain to become the Madrid Bulldozers and won a few Super Bowls there. The Tennessee Titans got their revenge to the Rams in 2025, and got their fourth Super Bowl Win (2019, 2020, 2023, and 2025) against the Niners, Vikings, Niners, and Rams respectively. The Colts got many 8-8 records before the schedule became a 20 game schedule, and got 10-10 most seasons. They did get two 15-5 records in their though and a 10-6. Patrick Mahoney lasted 20 years with the Chiefs, going to the Super Bowls the Titans didn’t (2021, 2022, 2024). They are now in Dallas again. The Chargers won one super bowl before they moved to Mexico City to become the Mexico City Mayans, and them and the Argentina Mountaineers ruled South America. The Broncos got their first relocation ever in 2048, moving to London, keeping the Broncos name for some reason. Lastly in the AFC, the Raiders won three Super Bowls but went to 23 consecutive playoff appearances from 2030 to 2052. That’s day two!
    Here for day three, the Redskins actually got good, but after they renamed themselves the Capitals in 2023, which lasted two years before they renamed themselves the Senators, lasting from 2025 to 2029. Then they simply became the Washington Nationals and the football team and baseball team ruled DC. The Giants never did good again, and the Cowboys made only one playoff appearance again. The Packers won 14 more Super Bowls unfortunately, and the Vikings lost 4 is seven years again. Against Titans, Chiefs, Ravens, and Ravens again. The Chicago Bears moves to Ontario, and became the Ontario Black Bears. They won two Super Bowls.
    They are one of the only teams to ever get an undefeated record again, 24-0 in 2045. They won the Super Bowl. The Detroit Lions lost over and over again and eventually folded in 2029, and their players went to the Buccaneers, who folded in 2034 because they were so bad...the New Orleans Saints started getting good after Drew Brees retired, so their 2020 record was 11-5, losing a conference championship game they were up 35-0 in the second quarter. They choked 8 seasons in a row before they made the Super bowl and lost. The Panthers moved to Raleigh and renamed themselves the Rams for no reason. They failed a few more times before they won three consecutive Super Bowls from 2114-2116. That’s all for today. Phew! This is taking forever!
    And for the last day, the Seahawks realized they had no use as the Seahawks, so when a new team became the Seattle Raniers in 2031, the Seahawks became the Seagulls. The 49ers became the 46ers because they were founded in 1946, and in their 100th anniversary, they moved to New York! They were the New York 46ers. And FINALLY! After a one week long college course, the Rams moved to Tokyo to become the Tokyo Suns in 2078, and won three Super Bowls there. See you in one century to discuss this all! There are 328 teams currently btw! See you in 2220. How about 2222. Btw the most recent Super Bowl Champ is the Venus Rocks. They got a 84773993780-9 season record...

  • Bradley Taylor

    Bradley Taylor

     13 hours ago +1

    1927 Triangles vs 2019 Ravens today would be about Ravens 8462882-0

  • Abel Ramirez

    Abel Ramirez

     14 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 the Atlanta Confederates?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alfredo Figueroa Valencia

    Alfredo Figueroa Valencia

     15 hours ago

    The history be have every team got it´s name and identity, first names, and conservered the original names, logos, changes for the well of the american football, the NFL meets 100 years, and the passion of the game is the same, never change ever, HAPPY CENTENNIAL BIRTHDAY NFL!!!!!

  • Duzit Mader

    Duzit Mader

     15 hours ago

    At 15:00 if you speed up the playback to 1.75, it looks more like the speed of today.

  • Nathan Stump

    Nathan Stump

     16 hours ago

    The chiefs are in Missouri 😳

  • Kyle Pirko

    Kyle Pirko

     19 hours ago

    It's funny but Vikings in history never wore helmets with horns on them. Ever. It's just a stereotype that stuck. But there's not one archeological find where they found horns or evidence of horns once being on any of their helmets. Cheers

  • Bram Aho

    Bram Aho

     21 hours ago

    imagine naming your team the fucking triangles

  • Nicholas Horton

    Nicholas Horton

     1 days ago

    This was 30 minutes well spent as work NOT working. Very informative.

  • Cowracer67


     1 days ago

    Gonna have to expand it to London when LA gets over the Rams and $tan Kronke moves them yet again.