GameSpot Trailers: Persona 5 Royal - English Release Trailer | E3 2019

Published on: Monday, June 10, 2019

Persona 5 Royal - English Release Trailer | E3 2019

This E3 2019 trailer for Persona 5: The Royal reveals the game will be coming to the west in 2020.


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  • Wall Squid

    Wall Squid

     8 hours ago


  • ShadowMan 062

    ShadowMan 062

     11 hours ago

    best cast of all of persona series

  • Chad Slusarski

    Chad Slusarski

     13 hours ago

    Please let NicoB play this again. He has to do new voices and new reactions!

  • Lizabot


     17 hours ago

    does this mean a new p5d bc tbh that'd be hype too

  • Jacob Lail

    Jacob Lail

     19 hours ago


  • VinzterzZ


     2 days ago

    I just did ps5 ng+ like 10 times already and now im still not getting tired of it ughhhhh

  • VinzterzZ


     2 days ago


  • Matthew Fisher

    Matthew Fisher

     2 days ago

    I can't wait for the game to come out

  • SWAGER21 Unofficial

    SWAGER21 Unofficial

     3 days ago

    So.. Ren / Akira went back to jail in the start huh?

  • Chardonnay Lumpkin

    Chardonnay Lumpkin

     4 days ago

    The game is coming out of my birthday

  • Anonymous S

    Anonymous S

     4 days ago

    And people say smash has a sword problem meanwhile like 5/9 (including akechi) are swordies

  • holy hecc

    holy hecc

     4 days ago

    Seeing them play darts makes me want them to play the Kings Game

  • Thomas van Spronsen

    Thomas van Spronsen

     5 days ago


    If you played P5 before this game
    Will some data from P5 transfer to P5R

    Is this DLC for P5 ot a seperate game entirly

  • Thomas van Spronsen

    Thomas van Spronsen

     5 days ago

    Me in 2016: Hey this was fun... feels like it could use more though?
    2017: Very repetative but good story
    2018: Why do I still have this game...
    Early 2019: May aswell keep it
    Mid 2019: Royal? Not intersted.
    Last week: May aswell play it again.
    Now: TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynder Kiryah

    Cynder Kiryah

     5 days ago

    Getting it for the playstation 4, but would be nice if it was coming out to Nintendo Switch since I would buy again for that system.
    Atlus is losing some extra money for not putting it on the Nintendo Switch and might sell pretty well on the system too since Joker is in Smash Bros now.

  • Psycho Dog

    Psycho Dog

     5 days ago

    Was this after the persona five ending

  • mrsniper12333


     5 days ago

    IDK IF SPOILER BUT BE WARNED: 2:32 pancake legs

    EDIT: oh wait jhone talked about it alrdy

  • Ann- Cakes

    Ann- Cakes

     6 days ago

    Atlus stop killing my wallet

  • xanzar21


     6 days ago

    simultaneous release plox

  • JoeFay Tech

    JoeFay Tech

     1 weeks ago

    i don't get it how the metaverse is back? i thought the phantom thieves defeated yaldabaoth and erased the metaverse.
    looks like they are gonna make it an open world instead of missions Damn i will have to collect everything all over again