Making a Bamboo Forest
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植物男子 Asu: Making a Bamboo Forest


Published on: Monday, July 22, 2019

Making a Bamboo Forest


I would like to recreate the scenery of the bamboo forest using equisetum hyemale and asparagus.
【Bamboo Forest 45×30×40】

Glass Cutter:
Mist Spray Bottle:
Aquarium Silicone Sealant:
Foam Sheets(No paper sticking):


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  • stephen


     4 days ago

    What's the upkeep of something like this like? I've only seen a few of these videos but I'm just curious, like if one of the waterfalls stop working or if the plants start dying or if something else goes wrong. What happens? Do you have to pull it all apart?

  • Ethan Li

    Ethan Li

     4 days ago

    Excuse me,could you telling me what’s kind of material is the black panel?

  • ain s

    ain s

     5 days ago

    I suddenly had a crush on you.

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     6 days ago

    I dont' know rick, looks fake to me...

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    Wily Kautsar

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    Yo rausah gegas jeneng channele suu asuuuuu

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    1:18 clammy ass hands dude 😂🤣

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    What kinda gule is this?
    So strong

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     1 weeks ago

    i Love This

  • jayanta borpatra gohain

    jayanta borpatra gohain

     1 weeks ago

    Easy- pisy....... for you. How can you feed the trees in time?

  • Wahn Mia

    Wahn Mia

     1 weeks ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 So soothing..

  • Miguel Diaz

    Miguel Diaz

     1 weeks ago

    Excelente referente..

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    Nightcore Midnight•

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    6:12 ARE THOSE KOKO CRUNCH? mmmm yumm

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    Enterpreneur ndeso

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    very cool sir

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    Terbaek pak guru !!!

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     2 weeks ago

    proper ASMR...