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Published on: Friday, October 4, 2019


Source: https://youtu.be/pXS9_dJ7qi0

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  • Artur zujko

    Artur zujko

     7 hours ago

    Everything goes is my favorite rm's song

  • lucie kossen

    lucie kossen

     12 hours ago

    The only word I could understand was the first one, gabsida and it means let's go

  • jess 134340

    jess 134340

     16 hours ago

    Boyfriend material joon❤

  • jess 134340

    jess 134340

     16 hours ago


  • jess 134340

    jess 134340

     16 hours ago


  • aRMy JK

    aRMy JK

     2 days ago

    Esta bien hermoso 😍😍🤤🤤

  • Syasya Afrina

    Syasya Afrina

     2 days ago

    best vlog award among bts members goes to RM

  • Rusmanidar Sikumbang

    Rusmanidar Sikumbang

     2 days ago

    Joon, u knew i will watch this video again right

  • 느낌있는요정


     2 days ago

    사색을 즐기는 남준님 친구와여행..멤버별 특성이 그대로드러나는 브이로그 너무좋아요 멋있는삶. RM으로서의 삶,그리고 남준으로서의 삶 둘다응원합니다

  • Pa Nama

    Pa Nama

     3 days ago

    Here after MAMA 2019, Yeehawww Congrats once again Bangtan for All Kill Daesangs. Like You said Joon, 2019 really yours.

  • Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

     3 days ago +1

    Yeah he just went everywhere, ''everywhere''.. except for my country.. Please come to bulgaria T ~ T

  • marks Hd

    marks Hd

     4 days ago

    냄준이 멋진 휴식 보내서 기쁘다.

  • Muni


     4 days ago

    This girl!!!!! I found her Facebook she is horrible she shouted at BTs horrible things! 130911 I remember her!!! Just type 130911 her Facebook comes up I think she symbolises ‘snapping’ by chungha. Her name is Nila said.

    [2019 MAMA] Star Countdown D-2 by #BTS

  • no body

    no body

     4 days ago

    I'm here once again bc this vlog is just so refreshing like wow

  • AR


     4 days ago

    اجمل الجميلين، والطف اللطيفين! ILY JOON :(

  • FG


     4 days ago

    B E A U T I F U L . Nothing else to say, thankyou

  • Wardah Kamalia

    Wardah Kamalia

     5 days ago

    If you looking this. Namjoon, am always love you.

  • raven kai

    raven kai

     5 days ago

    i wish i could like this more. this vlog is just so beautiful 🥺 + mono playing as the bgm 🥺💜 ilove mono. i love you joonie💜

  • raven kai

    raven kai

     5 days ago

    i wanna see more of namjoon vlogging🥺

  • Adinda Chiara

    Adinda Chiara

     5 days ago +1

    This is the best vlog i've ever watched.
    So peaceful, resourceful, and just... interesting in general.
    Thank you namjoon for sharing bits of your journey during the holiday, I really enjoyed it x