Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019
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Kotaku: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019


Published on: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer from Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference.

Source: https://youtu.be/pgHmPTQsmgA

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  • BBBHuey


     2 months ago

    Sure wish we had Red Ribbon Army and King Piccolo story arcs.

  • Mr. Hollidayy

    Mr. Hollidayy

     2 months ago

    “On mobile” everyone just leaves lol

  • Carolina Gozalez

    Carolina Gozalez

     4 months ago +1


  • Blizzardshot


     5 months ago

    Anyone know the song for the trailer?

  • Jack Lawson

    Jack Lawson

     5 months ago

    We: do you believe your own hype that
    Game: I AM THE HYPE!!!

  • DVA 2K

    DVA 2K

     5 months ago

    Let's start from the beginning once last time, DragonBall Z Saiyan saga
    ... (SM2099)..

  • Stuart Long

    Stuart Long

     5 months ago

    I'll show him!... I'll show them all! I'll play this game to ASHES!!! HYAAAAAAGGGHHH

  • BeholdMyStrength


     5 months ago

    Gameplay looks great, as usual the Japanese voices sound like nails on a chalkboard!

  • ABU ReNeon

    ABU ReNeon

     5 months ago

    Imma buy this shit HELLA fast

  • gamer du dimanche

    gamer du dimanche

     6 months ago

    Damn we only care about zenoverse 3

  • IlluvatarPaladin


     6 months ago

    I feel like Ultimate Tenkaichi did a LOT right. It had great visuals and a pretty nice CAC and story that could be greatly developed upon. Yeah, it was sort of a mess of different stuff happening, but it was the right way to think about what they should strive for as developers.
    Probably not happening again after its relatively poor reception.

  • Inversion


     6 months ago

    I really wanna know the trailer music used for this trailer! It's great.

  • Gaburieru San

    Gaburieru San

     6 months ago

    I dont now i have mix fellings about this. I love the custom character and the possibility to have different transformation . I hope we got at least some new storylines to explore

  • Mexican larry bird

    Mexican larry bird

     6 months ago

    CJ: shit here we go again...

  • Ulquiorra Milgrau

    Ulquiorra Milgrau

     6 months ago


  • Sebastian Ferrer

    Sebastian Ferrer

     6 months ago

    Are the mechanics like storm?

  • lucas 24

    lucas 24

     6 months ago

    when it will be original dragon ball ? kid goku story pls!

  • JackOfen


     7 months ago

    So only Z again and no OG Dragon Ball? goddamit....

  • MG 2Saucy

    MG 2Saucy

     7 months ago

    I’m putting my money on that they will have dlc story and add super and broly in it

  • M R

    M R

     7 months ago +1

    شكله العبه راح تكون بنت كلب دييييييييم