Titanic Basics: Crew
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Titanic: Honor And Glory: Titanic Basics: Crew


Published on: Monday, December 17, 2018

Titanic Basics: Crew

Who makes up the Titanic's crew, and what is the duty of each other jobs? What do the jobs mean?
NOTE: Some of the photos of the officers are miss-identified, specifically the photo of Officer Wilde. Sorry about that!

Crew Discussed:
Staff Captain
Chief Officer
First Officer
Second Officer
Third Officer
Fourth Officer
Fifth Officer
Sixth Officer

Source: https://youtu.be/tFgITm5iR50

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  • MrJeep75


     1 days ago


  • The SS United States

    The SS United States

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  • Robert Schmidt

    Robert Schmidt

     2 months ago

    That's Captain William Turner of Cunard's Lusitania at 1:40.

  • Mr. Balloffur

    Mr. Balloffur

     3 months ago +1

    The pic of the officers at 2:28 are not Titanic's officer...a common mistake. Lightoller is always misidentified.

  • Mr Doge

    Mr Doge

     4 months ago +1

    I don’t like the role of staff captain because it takes the job away from the chief officer.

  • Jeff Brister

    Jeff Brister

     4 months ago

    This was great!

  • okbridges


     4 months ago

    Nice video. The animation showing the boilers is missing the grate bars. Each of the furnaces in the boilers would have a grate dividing the furnace in half. The coal would be placed on top of the grate thru the small door. The opening for the bottom half would have a door that could be opened for removal of ashes and may have been provided with an arrangement for propping it open in varying amounts, so it could be used as a damper, or it was provided with separate damper openings. Firing the boilers was a continuous process, and the ashes would need frequent removal. When not actually adding coal, the small doors would be kept shut to prevent cool air entering above the fire. Air would be drawn thru the damper and then thru the grate and fire, this provides air for the fire and the cool air keeps the grate from overheating.

  • Ross Fairfield

    Ross Fairfield

     5 months ago

    A very informative video which has been nicely put together. Just a small point, the Titanic’s bandsmen were eight in number, not nine. They played on board as a quintet and a trio.

  • A. Prada

    A. Prada

     7 months ago

    Anyone notice how the real Harold Bride looks a lot like the Jack Phillips from the 1997 movie?

    The same can be said about how the real Jack Phillips looks like the 1997 version of Harold Bride.

    I wonder if that was a mistake by the James Cameron and the filming staff.

    Btw: I love what you guys do with the channel, Tom. Keep giving the legend of Titanic life.

  • morgan megurine

    morgan megurine

     7 months ago

    Boxhall kinda looks like david tennant and lowe kinda looks like tim curry

  • tallman22


     7 months ago

    How much were trimmers paid?

  • Rahbar Al Haq

    Rahbar Al Haq

     7 months ago

    I undersand this video is old and you guys might not follow the comments anymore, but can you do a short about the guns aboard the Titanic?

  • A&WP 290

    A&WP 290

     8 months ago

    Do forget when they close water type door, lot of the boiler room crew did not have a enough time to escape

  • のま


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  • Paolo Piccardo

    Paolo Piccardo

     9 months ago

    There are some errors indeed: at 1:39 the Officer is Capt.Turner from rms Lusitania,not a Staff Captain.At 2:19 ,lto r.Murdoch, Chief Officer Joe Evans.4th Officer W.Alexander,Capt.Smith.The picture at 4:09 shows Rms Olympic Staff on may 28th 1911.I must add that no engine Officers are discussed,and that's a pity.They all perished in the tragedy and are seldom mentioned. In Southampton there's a Memorial to those brave men.

  • tavisxavier


     9 months ago

    Very interesting...

  • geraldine woods

    geraldine woods

     9 months ago

    Rip Edward John Smith

  • Minelli Radney

    Minelli Radney

     10 months ago

    Captain Lord is not responsible for not helping. He was tired and delirious. He couldn't make a sound judgement. If the crew felt he was wrong then tell on him. He had a boss too. So I see it this way whoever said speed up the boat caused the accident. Arriving in one day early. Don't make sense, I mean wasn't the ticket paid for in advance? They wasn't going to get refunds were they? Those people were wrong, they didn't believe in a God. Their wrong too also, people can't survive in 28 degree weather and water long!

  • Lance Rogers

    Lance Rogers

     10 months ago +1

    Everyone is an expert I guess.. Just read these comments - Really? Im keen on this project, stop ruining it.

  • Julian


     10 months ago +3

    Also, the crew of the Titanic was the cream of the crop with a few exceptions, namely some stewards in Third Class and Hitchens and to some degree Lightoller. They did the very best they could have with facing the crisis they hadon hand. Certainly Lightoller could have let men aboard the boats, someone should have tried harder to fill each boat to capacity before the mood turned to panic, if only Third Class had an effective organization for the evacuation. But ultimately, there is no other crew of a vessel that would've performed better under extreme duress like they did.