Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect
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Dude Perfect: Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

Published on: Monday, March 25, 2019

Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS... this episode is next level!
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  • Gavin Wolsey

    Gavin Wolsey

     1 hours ago +1

    If you like
    Ty,Cody,garrot like

    If you like
    The twins commant

  • xXGoneX x

    xXGoneX x

     1 hours ago +1

    Listen veryyyyy closely at 11:34! What did Cody say?

  • Connall Kirtland

    Connall Kirtland

     3 hours ago

    Plot twist:

    The panda is actually kung fu panda in disguise

  • ali sidd

    ali sidd

     4 hours ago

    Everyone bloops

  • Dillon Fowlkes

    Dillon Fowlkes

     6 hours ago

    Now that y’all are using a different hat for every drawing of wheel unfortunatet he loser should wear the hat that they drew from 🤷‍♂️

  • Henny Nagy

    Henny Nagy

     7 hours ago

    Wheel unfortuned, ?= "Be the new guy who gets bottled smashed".



     8 hours ago

    Big fan of your buy please don't waste food some people don't get even I bread so kindly please . You can enjoy or have fun with something else please its a humbel request.

  • khairil zakky

    khairil zakky

     13 hours ago



  • Lilly Johnson

    Lilly Johnson

     23 hours ago

    Haha coby a the end of bloops!

  • Omnipresent One

    Omnipresent One

     1 days ago

    Now I know how LA Beast does the sour challenges.

  • Newt Salamander

    Newt Salamander

     1 days ago


  • Newt Salamander

    Newt Salamander

     1 days ago

    Do a real life trick shots in 2020

  • axel bratti

    axel bratti

     1 days ago


  • Alessio Costanzo

    Alessio Costanzo

     1 days ago

    U know what U should add a Ghost pepper ,milk, tuna,egg and broccoli smoothy😈

  • B-Cubed


     1 days ago

    16:29... When you see your crush at the mall ;)

  • Tiffany Sharpe-Karam

    Tiffany Sharpe-Karam

     1 days ago

    Sorry cobes

  • Royston Goh

    Royston Goh

     1 days ago

    I lowkey pity ty for cracking his voice for being Ned “ the golden boy “ forester.

  • Aviv Tesar

    Aviv Tesar

     2 days ago

    I never thought I would convert to cannibalism until i say coby being french toasted

  • Teo Ribin vlog

    Teo Ribin vlog

     2 days ago

    I saw some bloopers in TikTok

  • Colton Erickson

    Colton Erickson

     2 days ago

    Just because he has a pc doesn’t mean he has to play fortnite

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