Music For Rest And Recovery Of The Body Music For Sleep Relaxation after a working day
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#Healing Music: Music For Rest And Recovery Of The Body Music For Sleep Relaxation after a working day

Published on: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Music For Rest And Recovery Of The Body Music For Sleep Relaxation after a working day

Version of music without birds and the sound of a waterfall -
Music For Rest And Recovery Of The Body Music For Sleep Relaxation after a working day. Sleep music. Rest And Health Improvement. Music For Sleep. Relax after a work day. The music is suitable for anxiety relief, Spa, relaxation, meditation, soothing, yoga, massage and more. Therapeutic healing music. For rest and positive thoughts Beautiful Calm Music for the Soul. Relaxing, Stress relief music, calm music, healing music. Heal mental illness. Mental health.

Musical vibrations, reaching deep-lying tissues, massage the internal organs and stimulate blood circulation in them, affect the bone structure and the body as a whole.

The coincidence of natural biorhythms and rhythms of music increases the impact of sounds on the body.

In case of discrepancy, of human biological rhythms adjust to the sound of music that changes his emotional attitude and physical wellbeing.

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# Music For Rest And Wellness Body Music For Sleep

Healing music helps to reveal the vast world of beautiful, high feelings, thoughts, emotions! Even if you are not sick of anything, music will help you relax, and saturate the body with the missing energy!

Music therapy is a psychotherapeutic method that uses music as a therapeutic agent. Modern music therapy is a technology for resolving medical, rehabilitation, developmental, correctional, and educational tasks. Research in this area is aimed at studying the possibility of influencing a person’s personality by combining medical, pedagogical, psychotherapeutic methods with controlled musical influence.
The first studies of the healing effects of music on the human body began at the end of the 19th century. In 1899, neuropathologist James L. Corning conducted the first research using music to treat patients. The first scientific papers exploring the mechanism of the influence of music on a person appeared at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. In the works of V. M. Bekhterev, I. M. Dogel, I. R. Tarhanov and others, data appear on the beneficial effect of music on the central nervous system, respiration, blood circulation, and gas exchange.
In the second half of the 20th century, interest in music therapy and the mechanism of its influence increased significantly. The experiments are conducted in several directions: the influence of individual musical instruments on living organisms; individual influence of individual works of composers; the impact on the human body of traditional folk trends in music, as well as modern trends; perinatal music therapy.

It's no secret to anyone that musical works can heal. Knowing certain rules of treatment with classical music, you can get rid of cancer, develop your creative and intellectual abilities. From what kind of music a person listens, even a character depends, which can also be easily changed.

Conducted in the United States of America, recent experiments in the field of music therapy have shown that listening in certain keys to classical works significantly (at times) speeds up the healing process of diseases of individual (corresponding to the key) organs:
 D flat major - Heals from eye diseases and migraines.
 E flat major - Cures ear diseases (otitis media), helps with diseases of the cervical vertebrae and throat (tonsillitis).
 F Sharp Minor- Accelerates recovery from diseases of the heart and respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma).
 Salt Sharp Minor- Helps to get rid of gallstones, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (diseases such as ulcers and indigestion) and cures inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).
 A sharp minor - Positively affects the composition of the blood and improves the condition of the spine.
 C major- Helps in the treatment of diseases, including colitis, with liver diseases (hepatitis), as well as inflammation of the appendix (appendix of the cecum).
 D major - Heals the bladder and kidneys.
 E major - It treats diseases of the nasal cavity (sinusitis, rhinitis) and diseases of the genital organs (prostatitis, inflammation of the appendages, irregular pain among women), helps a man to become a donor.
 F major- Rheumatism is less of a concern when listening to music.
 Salt Major - Heals skin diseases.
 B major - Helps with joint diseases (arthritis) and foot diseases.
 A major - The sound of this music reduces swelling and varicose veins. realxation

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