BTS (방탄소년단) BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview Clip 2 : 大 환장 하이 텐션
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BANGTANTV: BTS (방탄소년단) BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview Clip 2 : 大 환장 하이 텐션


Published on: Friday, November 8, 2019

BTS (방탄소년단) BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview Clip 2 : 大 환장 하이 텐션

BTS 본보야지 네 번째 시즌
2019.11.19 9 PM (KST) Weverse 독점 공개
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BTS Bon Voyage Season 4
19 Nov 2019, exclusive on Weverse
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  • Luna Rojas

    Luna Rojas

     15 hours ago

    Junkooki 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Hazel Maghirang

    Hazel Maghirang

     1 days ago

    Wahhhh that's t-ara songs‼

  • Farhani Harazi

    Farhani Harazi

     2 days ago

    This reminds me on how i first knew bts 😂😂 they were dancing to t-ara song backstage 🤣😂 i miss t-ara 🥺

  • Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. III

    Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. III

     2 days ago

    I love hyper Yoongi.

  • はんせ울라야Hanseulraya


     3 days ago

    Old bangtan bombs karaoke videos flashback

  • Ecxel Asus

    Ecxel Asus

     4 days ago

    BTS singing sings joyfully during road trips:
    Me: looking out the window contemplating whether I want to be home or not

  • Itz Allesandra Vlogz

    Itz Allesandra Vlogz

     5 days ago

    Jin,Suga,V having fun in the car without noticing their about to crash

  • Sandy Chan

    Sandy Chan

     6 days ago

    I’m crying when i heard bts, especially v is singing Time To Love (TTL), what a memory😭TTL was one of the famous songs in the 2rd Kpop era

  • rikksxvii payne

    rikksxvii payne

     1 weeks ago

    yoongi cutiee 😳

  • Beatriz Bia

    Beatriz Bia

     1 weeks ago +1

    I would love to be in jin's car, it's so funny 😂

  • Myriam Speich

    Myriam Speich

     1 weeks ago

    What's the name of the song they're singing?? I neeed too knooooowww

  • Kim Liên Trần Thị

    Kim Liên Trần Thị

     1 weeks ago +2

    I miss T-ara 🥰
    Thank you, BTS 😍

  • Ashley Louisse

    Ashley Louisse

     1 weeks ago

    Please put ENGLISH SUBTITLES for international fans, like me. I really love watching their videos, they are my happy pills, but I don’t understand what they’re saying. Thanks. 💜

  • Najma Nadeem

    Najma Nadeem

     1 weeks ago


  • mel tal

    mel tal

     1 weeks ago

    them singing in a car makes me so happy my babies

  • Rizza Mae Bandola

    Rizza Mae Bandola

     1 weeks ago +2

    You've just seen a rare sight of energetic Yoongi


    your wishes will be granted

  • Jinnie Kimm

    Jinnie Kimm

     2 weeks ago

    My vyeon feels

  • Aydın Akdeniz

    Aydın Akdeniz

     2 weeks ago +2

  • Mikan Kuro

    Mikan Kuro

     2 weeks ago

    This is gonna be awesome XD

  • Thương Đỗ

    Thương Đỗ

     2 weeks ago

    Có ai biết tên bài hát k ??