Turnin Rust: Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Turnin Rust Car, Truck & Bike show September 14th, 2019.
►►Event info: https://bit.ly/2MkvBgp

Lance & Wyatt get a lead on a 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Big Back Window, Join in and see if this C10 is worth saving as they attempt to revive it for a quick flip.

Interested in purchasing this 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10?
►►Ebay Listing - https://ebay.to/2MkyDlV

►►Boiled Linseed Oil Used in Video to achieve this look - https://amzn.to/2JXvLZe

►►Huge shout out to MAXXD Trailers for hooking us up with a Drop-N-Load trailer to make loading our picks a breeze, You can see the full details on this trailer at - http://www.maxxdtrailers.com

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  • vaeagle1


     22 hours ago

    small block chevy motor , if your local parts store doesn't carry a stock fuel pump , time to find another parts store.

  • Michael D

    Michael D

     23 hours ago +1

    This is a slow , really slow video. It had potential but its hard to stay interested

  • Desmond Hay

    Desmond Hay

     23 hours ago

    this is real real reality tv shows, something you actually want to watch, interesting, funny, down to earth people, keep up the great work guys

  • David Legg

    David Legg

     4 days ago

    love the videos but just wondering why you couldn't run the fuel pump wire to the hot on the coil.

  • xxxcrazypeoplexxx


     6 days ago

    what if you just sprayed on the linseed oil with a cheap horror freight cheap paint gun instead of applying it with a rag to preserve the patina?

  • Drew S.

    Drew S.

     1 weeks ago

    Looks like greased owl shit. But awesome

  • ray kemry

    ray kemry

     1 weeks ago

    How bad does the dust stick to the oil finish. Lol, sorry but now I've seen it all.

  • bullitt3839


     1 weeks ago

    Were cassettes common in pickups backed in 66?

  • Ashten mark

    Ashten mark

     1 weeks ago

    I have the same truck but a 1965

  • Po Kingi

    Po Kingi

     1 weeks ago

    love it

  • Andrew


     2 weeks ago +1

    very cool. Always a great feeling getting an old truck running like that.
    Keep the long bed. The profile on those 60's trucks looks better in my opinion.

  • Marc Scarpelli

    Marc Scarpelli

     2 weeks ago

    Nice video, guys! Not a big fan of long beds, but this one is a bonafide, in-tact Custom Series. I can understand why you chose to leave it as is! Even still has the original, factory Custom series steering wheel. Very rare to see 'cause they get scarfed up! (Little-known fact: those '66 C10 Custom steering wheels were from the '66 Nova. Notice the insignia.) Linseed oil was good tip for my '65 Custom Series Short-Fleet BBW.

  • the imaginator

    the imaginator

     2 weeks ago

    i sure would like to put you in my little "79 chevy shortbed stepside,running 250 straight six,350 automatic tranny,12 bolt rearend,ordered from the dealer to tow a boat,needs minor brake work but will drive,1500 cash,clear ,open title,it has the old wagon wheels on it now ,i do have a set of aluminum rims to go with it, contact me if interested,it is in east ridge ,tn,baldeagleholic@gmail.com

  • Norman Alvarez

    Norman Alvarez

     2 weeks ago

    I hate short bed Trucks

  • Jadens Journeys

    Jadens Journeys

     2 weeks ago

    christians are so fake. The guy said he wanted at least 1500 for the truck and the snake in the grass put him on the spot , man i hate people like that.

  • Slutter Gut

    Slutter Gut

     3 weeks ago

    It's pronounced soul - in - oid. Not sill - in - oid. Sorry, but that drives me crazy. Other than that, great channel!

  • MrCloudseeker


     3 weeks ago

    What is going on with that Rat-Rod Jeep back there?

  • MrCloudseeker


     3 weeks ago

    Another great video!

  • Casey King

    Casey King

     3 weeks ago

    can i have it!!!!!

  • Remington 700

    Remington 700

     3 weeks ago

    Where these guys go??? Haven’t seen any recent vids