Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck
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Turnin Rust: Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck


Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

Lance & Wyatt get a lead on a 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Big Back Window, Join in and see if this C10 is worth saving as they attempt to revive it for a quick flip.

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  • anthony adornetto

    anthony adornetto

     15 hours ago

    Hmmm 🤔....hmmmm 🤔

  • Big B Kenobi

    Big B Kenobi

     1 days ago

    Guys, clear coat the rusty trucks...

  • Dick Danger

    Dick Danger

     3 days ago

    I was hoping you'd actually do some work to it instead of Geri rigging it and putting a for sale sign on it. Very long episode went nowhere.

  • Stephen Grange

    Stephen Grange

     4 days ago

    I loved the way you never ran the truck down, talked it up all the way and still bought it right.

  • Ryan Naus

    Ryan Naus

     5 days ago

    Since you are christains Share Jesus with each other your brother Donald Shore remember Jesus name has power to it I like machainics its always been my hearts desier and Ive always liked The 50s 60s 70s Trucks and cars

  • David Northrup

    David Northrup

     1 weeks ago

    I can't understand why anyone would want to chop the bed and make it a short bed. I was very happy to hear you say that you were not going to do it! One little trick that my Father taught me, when you are taking off an old hose that is stuck. Instead of fighting it and taking a chance of damaging the parts on the vehicle, jut take a knife and cut it length way. Then you can use a screwdriver and split it.
    Good show. thanks for bringing these old vehicles back into the light!

  • Don Olsen

    Don Olsen

     1 weeks ago

    just like American pickers,,,,staged phony fake,,cant stomache it

  • Chip Powell

    Chip Powell

     2 weeks ago

    What's the bid upto, and where Can I bid on it??? I would LOVE to have this and restore it all original. I absolutely HATE, when people "Rat Rod" these old trucks, and chop the tops, and drop them on the ground. Something like this, I would restore it to what it looked like on the showroom floor, and It would be a weekly driver.

  • Demetry Sanchez

    Demetry Sanchez

     2 weeks ago

    I would love to have this truck its like my Grand pops old one i would pay 2000 and then fix her back up beast mode

  • PeterRabbit59


     2 weeks ago

    Kind of Truck I still prefer for several reasons, biggest is because Manufacturers back then had the headlights much lower than today's trucks, especially with these dam LED headlights that blind people in cars at night, What ever happened to the law about height of the headlights from the ground of 37 inches? That's why I Myself am looking for a GM in the 60's as also was what I learn t to drive in. I also noticed too the truck You used to haul this one had great big BOOTS on it, raising those dam headlights even higher than legal limits are, making ti eve worse for people with cars at night. OUT TO KILL PEOPLE!! GO BACK TO LIKE THAT ONE IN THE 60"S FOR HEADLIGHTS!!!!!

  • bigbike


     2 weeks ago

    They were all running when they first rolled out !

  • Tony Moore

    Tony Moore

     3 weeks ago

    Great video

  • hanse81


     3 weeks ago +1

    How come it seems like they just limp the cars across the road to get home in several videos?

  • Brian H

    Brian H

     3 weeks ago

    Do you guys still have that old Dodge Postal truck parked up by the building? That is so cool and rare!

  • 1unsung


     3 weeks ago

    Quality work once again Gentlemen. Well done and thank you for sharing. Filming is excellent

  • buckles318


     1 months ago

    In this episode I see what appears to be a old mail delivery truck sitting behind the feature Chevrolet truck. Under the KK sign. I would be very interested in the old mail truck if for sale. Please respond to [email protected]

  • tuneage man

    tuneage man

     1 months ago

    you should have taken all the old fuel out before putting eny new gas in it.....your daddy should have knowen that

  • Lance Patterson

    Lance Patterson

     1 months ago

    If you take the ignition to a lock Smith they can rekey it ot will be the same key for the door lock.

  • Tom Crater

    Tom Crater

     1 months ago


  • Tom Crater

    Tom Crater

     1 months ago