Turnin Rust: Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

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Lance & Wyatt get a lead on a 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Big Back Window, Join in and see if this C10 is worth saving as they attempt to revive it for a quick flip.

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  • michael marrett

    michael marrett

     10 hours ago +1

    Love it! I'm glad to see that you guys actually talk prices on your show, unlike most, and also you don't skip over the work that you're doing. That way we can learn something while watching. I'm so sick of Barrett-Jackson, and all their super-rich buyers and sellers ruining the market for everybody else. Thanks for keeping it real, guys! Keep honoring The Lord in what you do, and he'll keep blessing you!

  • TB Player

    TB Player

     2 days ago

    Lots of brother-in-law clamps being used..............

  • TB Player

    TB Player

     2 days ago

    Inspired me to work on my 63 short/fleet bed. Aspirations to remove the 230 and drop in my old Chevelle 's 327. Soon!

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

     3 days ago

    In the car world, the word "clean" doesn't mean shit. There could be Whopper wrappers and cigarette butts lying everywhere...

  • Coherant bliss

    Coherant bliss

     3 days ago

    I kept wait'in ta see ol blue hound dog somewheres. Great vid guys thanks!

  • christian


     3 days ago +1

    I feel like they broke around 30 traffic laws

  • Windell Walker

    Windell Walker

     3 days ago

    Tried this on my 1980 Malibu wagon got a lot of compliments.. Thanks

  • w. bank

    w. bank

     3 days ago

    I like your clip.from thailand.

  • Johnny Martinez

    Johnny Martinez

     4 days ago

    Why isn’t this on velocity network

  • tyler amburg

    tyler amburg

     4 days ago

    The carb has a barrel filter in it also unless it has been taken out ;)

  • Matias Teves

    Matias Teves

     5 days ago

    Muy linda camioneta C10 mi viejo tuvo una muy linda saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • southernrebel69420


     6 days ago

    we have a 66 c30 dually flatbed with the 4.1 250 straight 6 and 4 on the floor, just put a new carb on it and she runs good. need to rewire all the lights but other than that its in good shape and paint is nice too. if i remember correctly you use the door handle or the window crank to lock and unlock the doors . i think you rotate the door handle the opposite way of opening it so i think its push the handle down instead of pulling up on it and the outside doors will be unlocked. have a locksmith make a key to fit that ignition and door locks so you will have the original locks for the truck as well. good find guys.

  • Martin Boomhower

    Martin Boomhower

     1 weeks ago

    How is buying old trucks and cars and making money on them working for God exactly ?

  • Peggy Patton

    Peggy Patton

     1 weeks ago

    Got good deal man

  • eric witzki

    eric witzki

     1 weeks ago +1

    Turnin rust I love what u are doing saveing cars from rusting to death I’m from Nebraska and our vehicles here rust quick from all the salt they use on our roads one day I would love to save a car if r truck and restore it but leave the patina

    Great job keep up the hard work
    Eric W

  • bennysproductions


     1 weeks ago

    I stopped after the 3rd commercial in 5 min. I hate YouTube ads.

  • Steve Taylor

    Steve Taylor

     1 weeks ago

    That's right it did Brother that's how Chevy's run

  • Michael Bolden

    Michael Bolden

     1 weeks ago

    The guy who sold the truck is crying in his bed right now and I don't blame him

  • Michael Bolden

    Michael Bolden

     1 weeks ago

    That thing smooth as glass .quiet as church mouse .

  • Christopher w

    Christopher w

     1 weeks ago

    I just got one of these trucks after further inspection the tranny is screwed and the engines blown. Still a great buy for $100