Turnin Rust: Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Flipping a $1200 Big Back Window C10 Into Cash | Untouched 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Truck

Lance & Wyatt get a lead on a 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10 Big Back Window, Join in and see if this C10 is worth saving as they attempt to revive it for a quick flip.

Interested in purchasing this 1966 Fleetside Chevy C10?
►►Ebay Listing - https://ebay.to/2MkyDlV

►►Boiled Linseed Oil Used in Video to achieve this look - https://amzn.to/2JXvLZe

►►Huge shout out to MAXXD Trailers for hooking us up with a Drop-N-Load trailer to make loading our picks a breeze, You can see the full details on this trailer at - http://www.maxxdtrailers.com

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  • Ray S

    Ray S

     9 hours ago

    You can always depend upon your Chevrolet!

  • Carlos Alcides Pamphil Ramirez

    Carlos Alcides Pamphil Ramirez

     2 days ago

    Megusto como quedo con la patina envejecida pero me gustaria haberl visto con bloqu grande y modernisada

  • cnrmoose


     2 days ago

    So much wasted time on these videos, sorry but we don't need to see you walking around, we know your shirts say turnin on the back, we don't need to see it 10 times

  • Bruce Branson

    Bruce Branson

     3 days ago

    Dad and I went to town in 1961 and looked at a 61 long narrow bed with a 235 and a 4 speed. The dealer wanted $1950. Dad told the dealer he would not give over $1900. They haggled for two weeks over $50 and finally settled in the middle on $1925. It was the same color as this one. Good memories!

  • Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson

     1 weeks ago

    Flipping cars is good for everyone. Not many people can repair a vehicle from this state, but many of us can afford to buy one after someone like you has fixed it up. This sort of work is akin to art restoration, in my eyes.

  • desmond tinarwo

    desmond tinarwo

     1 weeks ago

    Ahh, The freedom of no seat belt 😂

  • Madhuri Kumar

    Madhuri Kumar

     1 weeks ago

    I love you guys😘😘😘

  • Steve Silvas

    Steve Silvas

     1 weeks ago +1

    My Dad Had A 1965 C10 Fleetside Pick up with "THREE ON THE TREE" And A 232 Straight Six Engine.. I Learned How To Drive It When I Was 13 years old (in 1972)

  • Dustin Hanson

    Dustin Hanson

     1 weeks ago

    Well I now want a 60’s c-10! I just came across yalls channel and just want to say I really enjoy watching a father a son do something like this together. Keep up the good work. I live in East Tx and enjoy working on older vehicles also 💪🏼

  • Kevin Kenny

    Kevin Kenny

     1 weeks ago




     1 weeks ago

    This is great quality content

  • johnkd bridges

    johnkd bridges

     1 weeks ago

    shade tree mechanic.

  • Lawrence Beals

    Lawrence Beals

     1 weeks ago

    Love that 56 under the shelter. Is it for sale?

  • scott grieff

    scott grieff

     1 weeks ago

    so you put the truck on a trailer, haul it to a random location up the road from your shop, then try and get it running in a parking lot and drive it to your shop. The question is why not just haul it to your shop to start with?

  • Ryan  Hughes

    Ryan Hughes

     1 weeks ago

    I have this same truck thanks for all the tips

  • dalesworld


     2 weeks ago

    I had a 65 C10. The back up light holes had been brazed over. Does anyone know if that was done at the factory?

  • Joshua James

    Joshua James

     2 weeks ago

    Sounds like sling blades gay cousin...hmmm

  • alpha2011a


     2 weeks ago

    Thanks for saving the best of the USA the UAW can Steel be proud of there work.your work to bring them streetable God given abilities father & son time to save another derelict $

  • P- Masta

    P- Masta

     3 weeks ago

    Them are some nice trailers

  • Cattmann


     1 months ago +1

    Would never have thought of using boiled linseed oil...gonna have to try this on a lawn mower or two...thanks!!!