Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targaryen
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The Take: Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targaryen


Published on: Sunday, May 26, 2019

Game of Thrones Ending Explained, Part 1: The Downfall of Daenerys Targaryen

Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | In the first part of our Game of Thrones Ending Explained series, we explore the tragic fate of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). The Dragon Queen's ending - with her becoming the very thing she sets out to destroy - goes straight to the heart and soul of this story. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:

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  • The Take

    The Take

     7 months ago +51

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  • Nick Kay

    Nick Kay

     4 hours ago

    Slavers deserved to die though

  • Muhammed Mateen

    Muhammed Mateen

     19 hours ago +1

    End of the day both queens are bitches

  • TriniBaby Strong

    TriniBaby Strong

     1 days ago

    Danny went mad😔

  • Nick Dzink

    Nick Dzink

     5 days ago

    Oh come on, guys. Like you've never pressed the "Exterminate" button before! Better to cull some people now, then face decades of rebelions later! For a stable and secure Empire!

  • Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange

     5 days ago

    The main problem of this season is it was rushed, but also that it was too much focused on endless actions scenes while there was (almost) no scene with deep or emotional dialogues between the characters, and so, almost no scene showing character's evolution. Instead, we got even big time jumps where it would definitely have been essential to see the characters interact
    For example, between missandei's death and the attack, I think three weeks have passed so we don't see daenerys' descent into paranoia/madness enough, or the actions of Varys to plot against her. In both cases, his death feels too easy given his intelligence, and her madness feels coming out of nowhere. Also, we don't see the time and the development between Jaime and Brienne's first night and his departure, so we don't see if there was any involvement between the two, if Jaime was feeling something or if he was just trying to forget Cersei. Etc.
    Also, I can't get over huge mistakes due to nothing but lazyness : Jaime making a mistake about how he killed his cousin when it was definitely not the moment to do one (it's supposed to have marked him a lot) and all what happens in the last episode about Tyrion reaching a donjon miraculously still standing when it was supposed to have collapsed and be unreachable, him finding the corpses under 10 bricks, the floor not even covered entirely... this discovery was unrealistic and unnecessary at that point

  • infinto1


     6 days ago

    And what about the forced and deadly so-called libration of Iraq and Afghanistan and before that viatnam and so on

  • Anders Eriksson

    Anders Eriksson

     1 weeks ago

    You just this stupid?
    What aren't the nobles take they are only take they're only take their territory.
    D&D are just this stupid....

  • Jaiman K

    Jaiman K

     1 weeks ago

    this is so excellent

  • Hector Lugo

    Hector Lugo

     1 weeks ago

    Kings landing had it coming! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack Braddell

    Jack Braddell

     2 weeks ago

    Explained: shitty shitty shitty !!!

  • Jack Braddell

    Jack Braddell

     2 weeks ago

    Sansa needed to die and Stark should have become king.

  • Moonkin


     2 weeks ago

    This whole video sounds like the voice of my denial. Of Course great ending! ha..

  • Himaryous


     2 weeks ago

    And finally -- Daenerys, as they wrote it, BROKE NOTHING. Let's not let the show weasel out of what they did to Daenerys by saying oh but her destruction ended up destroying the wheel so yay. First of all, that forces me to accept the idea that having a one-man National Security Agency (who knew what would happen and let it happen anyway) running 6 kingdoms...instead of just having them all run not the same thing all over again. Second, even if you accept that having Mr. Super-Spy running everything is breaking the wheel, the decision was made by him, not by Daenerys. So enough with the cop outs and trying to sugarcoat the mess that the show made. They sold a character to us as a flawed hero for eight years. They sold gobs of merchandise and didn't object when people named their kids after her. To turn around now and tell us she was a villain all along is, if they meant it, a reprehensible thing to do -- selling a villain as a hero for eight years is vile -- or it's an outright lie meant to cover their butts.

  • Himaryous


     2 weeks ago

    Either this was written by the producers of Game of Thrones in order to attempt to appease viewers who were bound to be upset by their stupid and amateurish ending, or it's the longest-winded piece of sugary fanwanking I have ever heard.

  • Karen Engelhardt

    Karen Engelhardt

     2 weeks ago

    Dany acting like she's the only one who had it rough

  • Shanthuru Pirethivirajan

    Shanthuru Pirethivirajan

     2 weeks ago

    your explanations actually makes this ending seem good except that we have solid proof that the two creators didn't have this deep an explanation. the most telling of this is the script which clearly outed that Drogon destroying the throne was simply a random act and not because of the fact that it ultimately destroyed Dany. All your explanations make sense but the creators didn't write the story because they understood it like that, they just did it to wrap it up quickly and to create as much shock value as they could. This is depressing.

  • Tynan Cravy

    Tynan Cravy

     2 weeks ago

    Women tend to go crazy when positions of power because they think with their emotions and not their brains. Men, on the other hand, for the most part think with their brains and sometimes what’s between their legs. This is why it took women less than half a century to mess this world and why the world was running decently well with men. Flame me all you want. I don’t care. It is the truth.

  • Jeode Walker

    Jeode Walker

     2 weeks ago

    Because women can be more twisted than men which is proven by history.

  • The Light Rhyder

    The Light Rhyder

     2 weeks ago

    Jon Messed up.