Cosmodore: The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

more like bad dinosaur hueh hueh

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  • Cosmodore


     2 months ago +8170

    Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs

  • Loli4lyf


     6 hours ago +1

    If dinosaurs exist human will be existn't

  • Ale


     14 hours ago

    I actually loved The good dinosaur. And absolutely HATED The incredibles one and two. So, yeah, opinions from every one.

  • JayBird Music

    JayBird Music

     14 hours ago

    I actually really liked this movie.

  • 3myr Ryamo

    3myr Ryamo

     22 hours ago

    “Cars 2 is the worst Pixar film” -everyone

    Me: This is better than every thing Pixar has made apart from the Toy Story series.

  • Society through rose tinted goggles

    Society through rose tinted goggles

     23 hours ago

    I literally never watched this movie am I the only one who saw the trailer and was like "wow this looks fucking stupid!"

  • Reax721 •__•

    Reax721 •__•

     1 days ago

    That add placement tho

  • Villain the Weavile

    Villain the Weavile

     1 days ago

    11:40 soon as I heard that Pokemon Dungeon music, I immediately turned on my emulator!

  • Mateus Lira

    Mateus Lira

     1 days ago

    Actually, I didn't like coco at all

  • Alex Kolb

    Alex Kolb

     1 days ago

    Now I feel cheated. I want to see the original draft.

  • Kolij boss

    Kolij boss

     2 days ago

    5:07 😖😖

  • David Rivera

    David Rivera

     2 days ago

    Why does nobody talk about cars 3?

  • MTH Comics

    MTH Comics

     2 days ago

    A lot of people say brave ripped off brother bear, I’m here to say this movie actually ripped it off so much more. Main protagonist wants to live up to parental figures expectation-makes a mistake costing said parental figure’s life- protagonist is lost in a strange land- they are stuck with young side character who they initially despise- the two then journey to the top of a mountain in order to succeed in their quest- nature is the antagonist- EVEN DOWN TO PUTTING YOUR HANDPRINT ON A WALL AS A SIGN OF GROWING UP like come ON. I guarantee you the de age of arlo was because someone realized the similarity would be undeniable. Oh well, I mean it’s a compliment to brother bear in the end 😂

  • Matthew Schmidt

    Matthew Schmidt

     2 days ago +1

    The Good Dinosaur reminded me way too much of Ice Age.
    The problem is that Ice Age hit a lot of similar beats, and did better. Part of the reason being the group of protagonists instead of a single one.

  • ღ SarahCatGaming ღ

    ღ SarahCatGaming ღ

     2 days ago +1

    This honestly makes me sad tbh because my brothers favorite movie for 3 years was the good dinosaur and we watched it so often that my family learned to love it. My brother literally has toys that he still keeps for the memories...

  • Supah Cole VII

    Supah Cole VII

     3 days ago


  • Reghan Funderburk

    Reghan Funderburk

     3 days ago

    I actually loved Good Dinosaur ;-;

  • Tobe Evans

    Tobe Evans

     4 days ago

    I liked The Good Dinosaur?? It was a beautiful and cute movie.. I don’t really understand why it did so bad, especially when it had the bird Debbie..

  • Omega Squad Frisk

    Omega Squad Frisk

     4 days ago

    I don't know why people are comparing this to Cars 2. What's bad about Cars 2? Can someone tell me about it?

    Also, In my opinion, Planes was the worst film in my book, especially the second one.

  • CammoNisse


     4 days ago

    Eyy idk why everyone is complaining about cars 2 tho, legit one of the best movies I watched as a kid. I mean I watched a lot of movies but that movie had something special that 7 y/o me loved ( probably weapons, cars and secret agents)