Jungle Survival: Build the Most Beautiful Underground Swimming Pool Around Dinosaur Egg House

Published on: Thursday, May 30, 2019

Build the Most Beautiful Underground Swimming Pool Around Dinosaur Egg House

Build the Most Beautiful Underground Swimming Pool Around Dinosaur Egg House

In this video, I would like to show everyone how to build a house in the shape of dinosaur egg with beautiful around swimming pool in deep jungle by ancient skills by using sickle knife as tools. Hope everyone like and support my work.

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Source: https://youtu.be/xnkI8pas14Q

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  • سعود سبيعي

    سعود سبيعي

     3 days ago

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  • movie 1234

    movie 1234

     4 days ago

    Gand mara

  • Jiselle Salazar

    Jiselle Salazar

     6 days ago

    Scorpions I'm out

  • Carolyn Honore

    Carolyn Honore

     1 weeks ago

    Very nice!👍🏽

  • آلقط آلآسـود ALHT

    آلقط آلآسـود ALHT

     1 weeks ago


  • Leopard


     1 weeks ago

    not bad

  • Sunita Nongrum

    Sunita Nongrum

     1 weeks ago

    These people how many times in a day they swim? because they had make many swimming pools I've seen. They just make big hole on earth and same innocent animals may drown there or did the fill up the hole again after making video?

  • 石原ジャンヤ


     1 weeks ago


  • Evira Dwi Fitriani

    Evira Dwi Fitriani

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  • Jovaniel Crespo

    Jovaniel Crespo

     2 weeks ago

    What happen to the other dude

  • irene amores

    irene amores

     2 weeks ago

    You have A true house that is screpted

  • Tomas Patiño

    Tomas Patiño

     2 weeks ago

    Tremendo escorpion 8:23

  • HoverDaRover


     2 weeks ago

    It is nice for entertainment. BUT, please guys. Do you really believe that there is any human being that can do such a thing alone? IN ONE DAY? These videos are obviously montaged in a way to look like it. They are fun. I sit down and watch them , but i'm aware. Please be aware.

  • Malik Awad

    Malik Awad

     2 weeks ago


  • Rhett Sarmiento

    Rhett Sarmiento

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  • Nicholas Kazumov

    Nicholas Kazumov

     2 weeks ago

    Modern engineers : build rockets

    These guys:build underground mansions from nothing

  • jonathan magracia

    jonathan magracia

     2 weeks ago

    i proud to you dude you're the best kind of builder

  • thích chọc chó

    thích chọc chó

     2 weeks ago

    Kien trì thật

  • Megawati K -UMMA FEB Manajemen SDM

    Megawati K -UMMA FEB Manajemen SDM

     2 weeks ago

    i from indonesia i'm very like for it channel