TheMacLife: UFC 238 Post Fight Press Conference: Tony Ferguson

Published on: Sunday, June 9, 2019

UFC 238 Post Fight Press Conference: Tony Ferguson



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  • Redback Shanto

    Redback Shanto

     14 hours ago

    Tony still now do u think that something is in your leg? Or something inside your house ?

  • Paul Gonzales

    Paul Gonzales

     21 hours ago

    Came here specifically for Tony fergerson type of guy jokes, let me here them.

  • Rishabh nalwa

    Rishabh nalwa

     1 days ago


  • Arsenio Butic Jr

    Arsenio Butic Jr

     1 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that asks khabib where his son went.

  • Arsenio Butic Jr

    Arsenio Butic Jr

     1 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that taps out everyone but taps to a cable wire.

  • V. V

    V. V

     1 days ago


  • Ritalie


     3 days ago

    Tony is saying the right stuff, saying he wants to keep competing for a long time, is getting better, and still running faster than the young guys. From a business standpoint, he is making himself a valuable asset. I cringed when I heard Jose Aldo talking about retiring, because the moment you openly talk about retiring, you lower your value. Unless you are Jon Jones, McGregor or Cormier. Tony seems like a good investment in 2019. They will make a lot of money keeping him in big fights, or as a champion.

  • Dehmitz


     3 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type who will intentionally pick the cart with the wonky wheels when he goes grocery shopping.

  • The Don

    The Don

     4 days ago

    FOR REAL glad he does see he still has A PIECE OF THAT BELT STILL...a 3rd of it. So ...yea him and Khabib is going to be fuking insane. I respect both of these guys so much, and for Tony to go through what he did mentally, and then come back and fight twice LIKE THAT...OMFG!!!! HE LITERALLY gets better EVERY FIGHT his cardio shows you...OOOOO yea he lost his mind, but he is still running...He lapped everyone...Khabib better hope he is running as far as Tony has at this point....physically an dliterally lol...But yea it sucks that I like both them as men and champions....Tony Ferguson can win 5 fights in a row and could retire and he will still be like a UFC lightweight champion in my book..easy...not even a second thought.

  • bcpbrennan


     1 weeks ago

    Tony sounds (talks) much better when he is being sincere.... as he is terrible at trash talking. Good win El Cucuy.

  • Alexis Perez

    Alexis Perez

     1 weeks ago


  • SCrawford


     1 weeks ago

    Anyone know what kind of watch he’s got on?

  • Danny Luna

    Danny Luna

     1 weeks ago

    Tony is the kind of guy THAT WINS

  • yeah, that was me

    yeah, that was me

     1 weeks ago

    Outside of his fights, he's annoying as hell...

  • artbylukebennett


     1 weeks ago

    Tony the type of guy to do a press conference wearing his own face as a mask

  • Cord Barham

    Cord Barham

     1 weeks ago

    Great and convincing win, let him lose Dana, if not crown him champ.

  • long tooth

    long tooth

     1 weeks ago

    Tony the type of guy to leave tips at fast food drive thru

  • Krm Jrz

    Krm Jrz

     1 weeks ago

    I think khabib its affraid of this dude. Cerrone punch this guy and look at him . He looks like he went to watch the fights

  • Robert Browne

    Robert Browne

     1 weeks ago

    He's like listening to your favourite song.... And built of stainless steel. Khabib is in serious trouble with Ferguson.

  • tintinesk5


     1 weeks ago

    Tony, the guy to ... respect now. The ONLY guy in this division to NOT fear Tiramisu.