Canadian garbage on its way from Philippines to Vancouver
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CBC News: Canadian garbage on its way from Philippines to Vancouver


Published on: Friday, May 31, 2019

Canadian garbage on its way from Philippines to Vancouver

Shipping containers filled with rotting trash are on their way back to Canada, after being loaded onto a container ship in the Philippines port of Subic.

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  • Night Fang

    Night Fang

     2 months ago

    Meanwhile Canada spends thousands of dollars on a useless duck, but can’t afford to take back their own garbage.

  • hazel RMT

    hazel RMT

     2 months ago

    Matagal ng issue yan!! 2014 pa ano ginawa ni aquino?? Wala!! Pero noong si duterte ang magsalita 1week palang may aksyon na!! Salute to our president digong!

  • *MY* *NAME*

    *MY* *NAME*

     3 months ago

    Dont blame whole canada just blame who only shift the trash.
    I am filipino, Our place is not clean because of the filipinos that dosent have disipline. They throw they trash everywhere.

  • DV Delivery Dispatch

    DV Delivery Dispatch

     3 months ago

    Hope Philippines doesn't declare war on Canada!

  • ALIZA Pasivo

    ALIZA Pasivo

     3 months ago

    Welcome back garbage to Canada...akala mo matitino tang ina yong dumi nila tinatapon sa ibang bansa...



     4 months ago

    Small time come to me.



     4 months ago

    I bet garbage from Canada also have free medical coverage

  • BoogerSauce


     4 months ago

    Hey Canada is easy to negotiate with.

  • An6r3a_


     5 months ago +1


    I live in a city close to Vancouver but my nationality is Filipino. :/

  • Fred Roblin

    Fred Roblin

     5 months ago

    Once here, what happened to it? Did it get incinerated like they said it would? Did it power those homes in B.C.? Why is there no follow up information about this?

  • Bugatti Boss

    Bugatti Boss

     5 months ago +1

    Filthy Phillipinos! Trudeau should send the containers back with Phillipinos from Canada

  • Robert Huang

    Robert Huang

     5 months ago

    Good to see asian countries started to solve the problems which westerners had blame them for decades. And good luck with your very own recycling system, Canada.

  • 黑騎士


     6 months ago

    No wonder we have a oil crisis.... ship so much garbage around the globe.....

  • A YOUTUBER ragelixer versoin 2

    A YOUTUBER ragelixer versoin 2

     6 months ago


  • A YOUTUBER ragelixer versoin 2

    A YOUTUBER ragelixer versoin 2

     6 months ago


  • Jay Sr

    Jay Sr

     6 months ago


  • Bimboy Aquino

    Bimboy Aquino

     6 months ago

    Time to doubt some of these so called 'environmentalist'

  • Bimboy Aquino

    Bimboy Aquino

     6 months ago

    This can be a true evidence of Gov't pocketing garbage taxes?

  • Mary Cris Sartori

    Mary Cris Sartori

     6 months ago

    Praise God for standing firm and fighting for what is right! Thanks Duterte.
    Philippines is not a dumpsite!
    Watching from illinois :)

  • Rob Erickson

    Rob Erickson

     6 months ago

    How about sending all the illegal Philippine garbage back to the Philippines? You know what I’m saying ? Hang out at your local money mart and you will understand.