I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike
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Ladylike: I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

Kristin goes to Honolulu with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.


‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Manaola Hawaii


MW Restaurant

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  • Ashley V

    Ashley V

     1 days ago

    Oh jennnnnn 😍😍😍

  • results of the remedies

    results of the remedies

     4 days ago +1

    Jen* I got it
    I know why I am here

  • Tatyanna Leonard

    Tatyanna Leonard

     1 weeks ago

    Every time Jen smiles and laughs I become more and more gay 😎😌

  • Dakota Marchman

    Dakota Marchman

     1 weeks ago

    I love it when Kristen and Jen do videos together, it's always so funny. I love you guys!!!!

  • Moon Girl

    Moon Girl

     1 weeks ago +1

    Jen: "I just like automatically touch the vagina area"
    Me: She's so gay and I'm so proud.

  • Rachel Mattice

    Rachel Mattice

     1 weeks ago

    Kristen picked out the swimsuit I got from torrid brilliant

  • Ahmae Messersmith

    Ahmae Messersmith

     1 weeks ago

    100% come to amish country

  • akash solanki

    akash solanki

     1 weeks ago

    Jen is definitely high the whole trip😂😂😂
    I love high jen😘😘

  • charlize forbes

    charlize forbes

     1 weeks ago

    I feel like the abc store in Hawaii is such a meme cause there everywhere

  • Sasha Crosier

    Sasha Crosier

     1 weeks ago

    You should try utah. It’s all super modest and super cuteeee. Plz do it

  • Handy Fox

    Handy Fox

     2 weeks ago

    I love the swim suit she chose, I’m so jealous 💕

  • Mackenzie


     2 weeks ago +1

    Now imagine being on one of the other islands with even fewer options.

  • Cutiebun_bun


     2 weeks ago

    Jen is so adorable!

  • Oliver Mulherin

    Oliver Mulherin

     2 weeks ago

    u should go to portland

  • Kristin Polk

    Kristin Polk

     2 weeks ago

    Outfit 1 my face


  • _BobaaTea_


     2 weeks ago

    I stayed there when I went to Oahu xD

  • Rivel Mikai

    Rivel Mikai

     3 weeks ago

    How did Jen get that knife through airport security?! Respect

  • HeatherSPRTC


     3 weeks ago

    I love how Manaola seemed unsure of the girls when they first arrived but they were all cracking up and relaxed together so quick. He was such a sweet funny guy!

  • _gachaismehlife_ :3

    _gachaismehlife_ :3

     3 weeks ago

    lol the intro was prob my favorite part

  • Jamestopboy


     3 weeks ago

    Try somewhere that ISN’T AMERICAN, just for the extra challenge.

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