Singer Reuben Grey Sings To Girlfriend Gets SHOCKED! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017
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Talent Recap: Singer Reuben Grey Sings To Girlfriend Gets SHOCKED! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017


Published on: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Singer Reuben Grey Sings To Girlfriend Gets SHOCKED! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Full Segment | Britain’s Got Talent Season 11 | Auditions | Episode 2


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  • Rumanddd


     10 hours ago

    Has anyone else put the captions on? Like the first 2 lines of his songs the caption says:
    " Drowing in a sea full of cheese" "So we could of loved diseases" LIKE WTF HAHAHAAHHAH

  • Isha Bhojwani

    Isha Bhojwani

     17 hours ago

    Girl has got a keeper there!

  • whyyamad


     1 days ago

    His dad sitting there singing every word of his son's original song is the real MVP

  • AverageXDD Lol

    AverageXDD Lol

     1 days ago


  • All Around Amelia Bisset

    All Around Amelia Bisset

     1 days ago

    Lets say that nearly everyone wants a dad like that

  • SprintPlayz


     1 days ago

    When the dad came at the end I was about to cry..

  • Ressel Montecalvo

    Ressel Montecalvo

     1 days ago


  • desi sewell

    desi sewell

     2 days ago

    He reminds me of Brandon from twin my heart

  • Viktor Baric

    Viktor Baric

     2 days ago

    Can someone write the lyrics

  • Maria Nieto

    Maria Nieto

     2 days ago +1

    More Fathers should support their Children like this Congratulations to this kid..

  • Joel Ball

    Joel Ball

     2 days ago

    Hi talent recap can i use this video in a compiation? ill give you proper credit

  • sanjay nirmal

    sanjay nirmal

     3 days ago

    Damn! seeing his expression when you saw his father almost turned me into a puddle and then he goes and sings this!!! just bury me.

  • Jade Marena

    Jade Marena

     3 days ago

    soo sweeett omg

  • Samwel Syipa

    Samwel Syipa

     3 days ago

    16 and you have a girlfriend? My African dad will never allow such kind of nonsense! 😅

  • Ma Thao

    Ma Thao

     3 days ago

    I need help on my vocabulary because of my decision I never graduated,I need help from talented fathers and mothers.

  • Shayy etc.

    Shayy etc.

     3 days ago

    my ex sent me this like a year and a half ago and i saw this recommendations and lord my eyes my bursting in tears

  • JustcallmeMAZZA


     4 days ago

    Crazy how big his song is now good on ya lad

  • Jack Kircher

    Jack Kircher

     4 days ago +4

    He should have gotten the golden buzzer but I don't think they had it yet.

  • Jack Kircher

    Jack Kircher

     4 days ago

    What a priceless father son relationship! Sure hope his beautiful gf took him back. What a lovely couple they would make!

  • Beth Licayan

    Beth Licayan

     4 days ago

    So nice wow